Super Bowl Sunday Open Thread

Posted by: ST on February 5, 2012 at 11:30 am

I have to say that I’m not a New England fan and the Giants don’t move me one way or another but I suspect more than a few of you have very different opinions on that. :) Me? I’m just hoping for a good game – like the Bowl they played in 2007, which was pretty epic (and which Giants fans will always cherish). Also looking forward to watching the Super Bowl commercials, in spite of the fact that I’m disgusted with how much money those ads cost! Will probably not watch the halftime show – not a fan of Madonna’s anymore. Like many other Americans, I’ll use the halftime as an opportunity to go to the bathroom, refill my glass with sweet tea, and grab a few more potato skins from the kitchen.

Oh – and to Tweet, of course. :D

While on the topic of football, congrats to Panthers rookie QB Cam Newton, who racked up two rookie of the year awards last night:

INDIANAPOLIS – Cam Newton capped a record-breaking rookie season by taking home two trophies from a red-carpet awards show Saturday on the eve of Super Bowl XLVI.

The Carolina Panthers’ quarterback won the Pepsi Rookie of the Year Award, as well as AP Offensive Rookie of the Year honors after a season in which he threw for more yards than any rookie in NFL history.

Newton, the No. 1 overall pick last year, set several league and team records, beginning with a 422-yard passing performance at Arizona that was the most prolific debut for a rookie quarterback.

Newton finished the season with 4,051 yards, breaking the mark held by the Colts’ Peyton Manning (3,739 yards) since 1998.

Panthers fans here are expecting great things to come from Cam – and the rest of the team – next season. The Panthers showed such promise this year that their record really doesn’t reflect, but in the end it is about wins and losses, the playoffs and ultimately the Super Bowl. Hopefully next year we’ll be able to break at least .500 — or more.

And last but not least, this football post would not be complete without a Tebow mention. Make sure you read a recent interview he did with ABC’s Hannah Storm about his critics, his faith, and his football future. I continue to be seriously impressed with this guy’s maturity, poise, and grace. God bless him.

Please feel free to use this thread to comment not just on the game, but whatever else happens to be on your mind. Haven’t written anything about the Nevada caucuses – especially considering it was known beforehand Mitt Romney was going to win there. From what I read last night, though, turnout was lower this year than it was in 2008. For what it’s worth …

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3 Responses to “Super Bowl Sunday Open Thread”


  1. Drew says:

    Go Bears !!!! Oh, wait……shoot. Wait until next year.

  2. jussayin' says:

    Funny how the Pats haven’t won since they were caught cheating.

    It was a good game, a close one that could have gone either way, though the last drive of the Giants helped force NE to desperation mode.

    Meanwhile, UMass students riot over the Patticakes losing again.

    GrandMaDonna did OK, but it wasn’t all that great. Of course some are saying it was the greatest SB halftime show ever. Frankly, the halftime show is just so over blown. Just like the way these singers tend to mangle the National Anthem.

    Some of the commercials were good, some pretty poor. The Audi one with the vampires was funny, but honestly – who buys a car for the headlights? Speaking of which, I wonder how many more accidents are happening due to the over bright headlights that aren’t adjusted right and causes blinding of the other drivers.

  3. Jiji says:

    In re the half-time show; Madonna did pretty good for her age. I suspect it was all lip synching because in spite of her running and jumping around, being flipped and spun her voice never wavered nor could I catch her gasping a breathe. Seemed way more like a studio recording to me.

    Clarkson did a good job with the National Anthem.

    All in all I would have prefered Lady Gaga over Madonna who is so yesterday….