President Hypocrite personally signed off on SuperPAC reversal

Posted by: ST on February 8, 2012 at 10:02 am


President Obama personally signed off on his campaign’s decision to actively encourage donations to Democratic Super PAC Priorities USA, according to senior campaign officials who spoke on a conference call with reporters Tuesday morning.

But an official would not characterize the tone of Obama’s agreement to back a policy that is at odds with his previous vocal opposition to the Citizens United decision that allows Super PACs to solicit unlimited donations.

Conversations among top advisers about the need to “lend support” to the outside fundraising effort have been going on for “weeks,” and the decision was made after a review of FEC filings from the Super PAC committees supporting the GOP presidential candidates, officials said.

As a result of the decision, some White House officials, campaign aides, and cabinet members will appear at Priorities USA events to “amplify [Obama’s] message” but will not directly solicit donations. The president, First Lady, and vice president will not attend any Priorities USA events, however.

The campaign said Tuesday that it will not encourage donations to a related 501(c)4 organization that does not disclose its donors to the FEC as the Priorities USA SuperPAC will.

The reversal opens Obama — who has long bemoaned the influx of money into the political process — to accusations of hypocrisy as his campaign now hopes to lure big donors to the fundraising body founded by former White House aide Bill Burton.

The rationale being, of course, that they need the money to “counter GOP lies” or some other such “politi-speak.” I guarantee you they could have managed just fine without going back on the pledge – after all, this President and his minions always find ways around laws (and “pledges”) restricting “big money donations” (including playing word games) all the while putting on a public “man of the people” facade. This just enables them to snag even more money to use to saturate key voting markets with lies, demagoguery, and other various and assorted nonsense against Republicans.

Hey, if this is what they want to do – fine. “They all do it.” Just wish they’d stop lying about their motivations and their current fundraising situation! I know, won’t happen – but it sure sounded good, didn’t it? :-w

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8 Responses to “President Hypocrite personally signed off on SuperPAC reversal”


  1. Carlos says:

    It’s just not the same, ST. After all, this is agreeing to support people (read: give them our tax money eventually) who support him, and Citizens United are just a bunch of crazies who don’t know a thing about changing our Constitution to fit today’s needs (read: disagree with him)

    Not the same at all. Apples and steaks, that’s what it is.

    (See how easy it is to become so convincing with one’s lies one begins to believe them?)

  2. Neo says:

    Jim Messina, President Barack Obama’s campaign manager, assured a group of Democratic donors from the financial services industry that Obama won’t demonize Wall Street

    These days that sounds like a quid pro quo.

  3. Carlos says:

    Even if he does they know it’s all sound and fury, signifying nothing. They know he’s bought and paid for, him and his department secretaries and czars, and there’s nothing he fears more than losing power, and his WS cronies have and hold and will continue to hold that power over him.

  4. Severian says:

    I’m shocked, shocked I say! -Capt. Louis Renault

  5. H Hazell says:

    Surely he is still losing sleep over this…surely.

  6. Drew the Infidel says:

    Mark Twain was right. There is only one way to look at a politician and that is down. Also, does this mean Obhammud will now apologize to the Supreme Court justices for calling them out in last year’s SOTU address for their ruling that political donations are protected by the First Amendment?

  7. Carlos says:

    He speaks out of both sides of his mouth anyway, Drew, and both sides are lies. Sure he’ll keep on blasting that decision, all the while taking as much money from his billionaire buddies and Wall Street cronies, laughing all the way to the bank.