Where is MY phone call, President @BarackObama?

Probably the most stupid story you’ll read all week:

President Barack Obama on Friday phoned the Georgetown University law student who was called a “slut” by Rush Limbaugh to find out if she is OK.

“He encouraged me and supported me and thanked me for speaking out about the concerns of American women,” Sandra Fluke, a third-year law student said. “And what was really personal for me was that he said to tell my parents that they should be proud. And that meant a lot because Rush Limbaugh questioned whether or not my family would be proud of me. So I just appreciated that very much.”

Fluke, who said she had received Obama’s call while waiting in the green room before her interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, also said of the phone call, “He did express his concern for me and wanted to make sure that I was ok, which, I am. I’m ok.”

Minutes after Fluke appeared on MSNBC, White House press secretary Jay Carney confirmed the call in a press briefing with reporters, saying, “He wanted to offer his support to her. He wanted to express his disappointment that she has been the subject of inappropriate personal attacks and thank her for exercising her rights as a citizen to speak out on an issue of public policy.”

Carney noted that the call was a “very good conversation” that lasted several minutes.

“This is not a quote from him (Obama), but I think he thinks they were reprehensible, they were disappointing,” Carney said. “It is disappointing that those kinds of personal and crude attacks could be leveled against someone like this young law school student who was simply expressing her opinion on a matter of public policy and doing so with a great deal of poise.”

Could Obama possibly be anymore theatrical here? Of course not! Playing to the crowd is his speciality as our American Idol celebrity President. I’m disgusted.

But while we’re on the topic of the President wanting to “reach out” to someone he feels is “acting with courage and poise”, I’d like to demand an answer from the WH as to why I and many other conservative women who have boldly spoken out against rabid feminist dogma for years, decades, etc have not received a similar phone call from him, considering the treatment we’ve received? Here’s a sampling of what’s been said to me (LANGUAGE WARNING):

ST is the poster child for abortion on demand. Had her parents known what kind of psychopathic monster they had sired, I am sure they would have aborted her. Hopefully, that repugnant creature is past the age of reproduction.

Evil Progressive – 5/28/2006


I hope you all die of cancer. I hope some of it is skin cancer that starts at the tip of your nose and covers your face and leaves you writhing and moaning in pain until you expire in the soiled bed of a third world cancer ward. I hope your families are hit by a bus during your funerals and I hope that anyone who is angered or hurt by what I’ve just written catches HIV from a rapist. How’s that folks? Biting enough? Cutting? I hope so because aftet all of this misery is visited upon you (And I pray to Jesus it will) THEN I can bash you regardless of your ‘moral high ground’ just like ann!

Kneelb4zod! – 6/8/2006


Blatant censorship. Sister Toldjah is another neocon cunt on the bush payroll. She needs to die like her coward leader.

The Debtonator – 1/16/2006


I think you a basically a bag of shit. Hopefully you will be and Virginia will be a victim of a hate crime so you will truly understand. Once people start hate criming ignorant pigs, look out!

Tanja – 4/30/09


I hope you get raped and left in a ditch to die so your family can see someone make callous remarks about your death!

And no this isn’t a threat. I don’t have sex with morons.

“Bob” – 4/30/09


i just read your blog and it is apparent to me that whoever enabled you to use a computer should be tortured and shot. I hope you die. This site is the most offensive and discusting peice of literature on the internet. If i ever found you i would rape you out of spite and then burn your face off with acid and fire.

jack – 1/16/10, via email


I’m sure some liberals would say that because I write under a pseudonym and the people who said the above quotes were anonymous, that what they said “doesn’t matter.” Even if that were true (it isn’t), what about the prominent conservative women like Sarah Palin and Michelle Malkin who HAVE been called disgusting terms – with malicious intent – by well-known Obama-supporting liberals like Bill Maher and others? Where are their phone calls, President Obama?

In seriousness, they don’t really want a phone call from you. Nor do I. Because, unlike “feminists” who try to pass 30 year-olds off as 23 year old “law students”, none of us are interested in playing the “victim card.” We’ll leave that to desperate “progressive” women who, most of the time, can only get attention on any given issue by lying their a**es off about it! It was worth writing this post, though, to point out the glaring hypocrisy of this administration that is supposedly so “concerned” with how “courageous” are treated when they speak out.

For the record, I’m with Malkin on the issue of Rush calling Sandra Fluke a “slut” – but that doesn’t mean Fluke and her feminist hangers-on in DC are off the hook for what they’re doing, either.

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