March Madness Weekend Open Thread

Hope everyone is enjoying beautiful weather and NCAA tournament action. Even though my boys lost yesterday in a game that wasn’t as “shocking” to many Duke fans as it was the rest of the country, I’m a lover of the game and can’t wait to watch the rest of the tourney to see what happens next.  Rooting for FSU, NCSU, VCU and any other potential Cinderella for the rest of the tournament.

And speaking of, my heart goes out to (16) UNC-Asheville! They nearly beat (1) Syracuse but some questionable/inconsistent calls essentially decided the game late.  Oh well. :(  I said when the tourney rankings came out that Duke was a weak 2 seed and I think the last week has shown Syracuse to be a weak 1 seed.  We’ll see how things go.

Please feel free to use this thread to discuss NCAA basketball action, or whatever happens to be on your mind. Happy weekend, everyone!

Sunrise - Concord, NC

Sunrise - Concord, NC - taken last month by ST.

12 thoughts on “March Madness Weekend Open Thread

  1. My beloved Ducks came out about a weak 20th seed or so, so are playing in the NIT. That’s the tournament (for those of you too young to know or remember) that used to rival the NCAA and, in fact, was a bigger prize at one time.

    Then the NCAA changed its rules to crush the interloper (as understood by them – the NIT was actually the tournament that got national basketball on the map) and the rest is history.

    Good luck to all those who still have teams in the tourney.

  2. And my alma mater, the University of Kentucky, is the number one seed for the entire field. The Blue Devils’ defeat will make things easier for UK to reach the Final Four.

    Right now, UK leads Iowa State 38-27 at halftime.


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  4. CZ, yeah, Indiana is back, but they’re going to face my University of Kentucky Wildcats next. I think that you will be . . . disappointed . . . in the outcome.

  5. Gotta love the Cats chances if they continue to play with the drive they showed last night in putting away Iowa State. Darius Miller came up big and displayed great senior leadership of this young but dominating team. GO CATS!!!

  6. I’m new to the site. Is the Weekend, “Open Forum,” a regular thing every week? If it is, that’s pretty cool!

  7. March Madness,,,Yawn! The country’s going to hell…A month from now, the outcome is totally irrelevant..Who won the World Series last fall?? Yawn!

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