No Haley investigation, or, South Carolina politics stink

Posted by: Phineas on March 31, 2012 at 12:01 pm

**Posted by Phineas

A couple of days ago, I wrote about allegations that South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley would soon be indicted on federal tax charges. I also speculated at length that the source was cheap, dirty, Chicago-style politics originating at the White House.

I’m happy to say I was wrong on both counts. First, from The Daily Caller:

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley says she’s being smeared once again by another blogger posting “lies” and spreading “trash” about her online.

“Sorry fellas,” Haley wrote on her Facebook page Thursday. “I’m not going anywhere no matter how many lies you put on a blog.”

Haley’s comments are in response to a report by The Palmetto Public Record, a South Carolina political blog, that she could be indicted in a federal investigation soon. She has denounced the post as totally false.

The blog said she could be indicted in federal court over the finances of the Sikh Religious Society of South Carolina, a worship center her family is involved with, “as early as this week.”


In an interview with TheDC on Friday, Tim Pearson, Haley’s chief of staff, elaborated by saying that the indictment rumors can’t be true because federal authorities haven’t contacted Haley about an investigation. He also told TheDC that Haley has not received any sort of target letter that would be typical of such a federal investigation.

“No one has asked to sit down with her and interview her,” Pearson continued. “There’s been no contact because the investigation doesn’t exist. You can’t have an indictment without an investigation. So all of this stuff is just totally false.”

He also added that federal authorities have not contacted Haley’s parents, either.

In the interview with a South Carolina newspaper, Haley said she had never done any accounting work for the Sikh center, which would kind of make tying her to accounting fraud a bit difficult.

More from ABC:

ABC News has learned that the Internal Revenue Service never conducted an investigation into South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s involvement in a Sikh temple’s finances. Nanette Downing, Director of EO Examinations, stated in the letter, “…we did not conduct an examination for the above period (tax year ended 2009)”.

Eric Hill, a program manager at the IRS, said in a separate letter to Haley’s chief of staff Tim Pearson that “we determined an examination was not warranted at that time.

Click through to the article to see an interview with Haley.

In other words, this is just another example of the gutter that is South Carolina Republican politics and an old-boys’ network that cannot tolerate an outsider breaking in.

As to the other point that I was apparently wrong about, that the IRS investigation was something cooked up by the Obama administration to derail Haley’s chances at national politics? Guess what? I don’t regret a word.

While I do regret contributing in any small way to the impression that Haley might be corrupt, I stand by my low opinion of the low character of those running the government in DC right now. Had there been a federal investigation, and given the deep influence of the “Chicago Way” on the president and his advisers, the assumption of a political hit-job would have been perfectly reasonable.

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13 Responses to “No Haley investigation, or, South Carolina politics stink”


  1. JCitizen says:

    “Guess what? I don’t regret a word.”

    What a surprise. Utterly dishonorable to the end.

    Hyper-partisanship and political hatred is a cancer on the soul, and you seem to have a terminal case.

  2. Carlos says:

    Speaking of “hyper-partisanship” and having a terminal case of that cancer, JCitizen, when was the last time you had a CAT-scan on your theological ideology?

    Quite frankly, anything the current administration can do to distract people like you from the utter, total, complete and blasphemous failures it has wrought upon this nation it will do, and such a tactic as this would not only seem reasonable, it would seem logical, too.

    If you ever stop drinking your extreme kool-aid, let us know.

  3. Geo says:

    Gutter politics doesn’t even begin to describe SC politics and the misogyny that took place during the last election. There is a long history of it down here. They went after her parents because of their religion and tried to drag her [Nikki] through anything they could. All while trying to infer that Haley was also a Sikh [she is a Christian. A convert from what I understand].

    Most of it started by one blogger who promised absolute proof of what he was saying, and never produce anything and a supposibly credible conservative blogger who bought the line of crap . . .hook, line and sinker. Republished it and promoted it himself [Erick]. Others piled on with additional garbage. Several instances of money exchanging hands were alleged.

  4. miguel cervantes says:

    No, Erickson, even though he was sloppy about it, did not spread that rumor, that was Will Folks, whose new friend
    Logan Smith, is equally brazen,

  5. Geo says:

    I would beg to differ on those facts. I was a regular reader of the Folks blog [since it originates in SC] back then and followed the banter back and forth between the two sites.

    Erick bought the whole kahuna and repeated it often with absolutely no proof from Folks [though he [Folks]continually promised that “proof” was forthcoming]. Because of the shoddiness of both sites, I haven’t been back to either and his misogyny has continued to recent activity with other female candidates.

  6. pluffmud says:

    Your assumption that the Obama Machine was involved with the latest Nikki Haley smear is not illogical; and, of course, you needn’t apologize. Why, there is but a hair’s breadth difference between the Obama Machine and the corrupt SC GOP.

    Any South Carolinian can attest to that sad fact.

  7. miguel cervantes says:

    Erickson has ticked me off, plenty in the past, but he never believed Folks, just couldn ‘t affirmatively disprove him;

    In May 2010, Erickson wrote in the RedState blog that he would be releasing evidence that Will Folks, a South Carolina GOP political operative, had made false allegations that he had an affair with gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley and that the allegations were “initiated by a rival political campaign.”.[19] Later that day, Erickson wrote, “I have no clue if anyone is behind Will Folks doing this. […] With apologies to RedState readers, […] I’ve had no hesitation in stringing the media along like Folks has done.”[20][21

  8. Michael Griffin says:

    I voted for Govenor Haley, hoping she was really a Sanford disciple. There, I said it. I am really embarrassed by some of the false accusations, most from SCGOP, directed at Gov. Haley and her family. But I’m also embarressed by some of Gov. Haleys firings of excellent state employees, only to replace them with political backers of her own. SCDHEC is a case in point. Firing scientist and replacing them with unqualified administrators. What gives Nikki?

  9. Ken66 says:

    “I will release proof…” Well, where is it? {crickets}
    Lie after proven lie has been told. The pack of lies being reported here is just another example.

  10. Geo says:

    Erick eventually did a mea culpa, but it was long after continually repeating to crap that Folks had put out, including a personal relationship with Haley. Folks instigated the rumors, all along promising proof [which he never produced] and Erick felt the need to repeat them on RS citing Folks as the source, claiming [as Folks promised] that actual proof was forthcoming. No proof was ever produced from either of them. After continually staining himself and buying into the line he denounced it. IMHO that isn’t news, that’s whore mongering and he lead the band or at the very least right in step marching to his drummer [Folks].

    He lent his creds by citing and repeating the lies for what was otherwise a unknown, obscure, wannabe blogger who was trying to generate revenue. . . . oh, and a liar btw!

    Then he felt the need after he was indelibly stained, decided he would pursue Palin. And if that isn’t enough, how about Bachmann as a side dish.

    Erick really has a “skirt” issue, it’s well documented for anyone willing to remove their blinders and smell the roses.

  11. Jo says:

    As a South Carolinian, I had to weigh in. SC politics is still run by the quintessential ‘good ole boys’ who hate women messin’ around where men are bettuh suited. The little women need to stay in the kitchen stirring that kind of pot, not the status quo pot they have simmered for decades. They will continue to try to smear her, start rumors about her and despise her. I told a new member of our local school) board (the good ole boys have that one so locked, it’s like a comic play and I told him, “Now, to be a good school board member, repeat after me: I hate Nikki Haley!” He laughed but it’s so true. She won’t just keep the dollars flowing in ‘for the children’ like the good old Dem’s will, they fear. Look for more of this coming down the pike. She is a brave woman. I pray for her.

  12. Carlos says:

    SC politics stunk a long time before Haley was elected (No? check out your last thieving, philandering guvner) and I suspect the politics will stink there far into the future.

    At least you can elect a few sane people. In my state the Repubs that are elected are more a shade of purple than red. The town I live in was the second in the country to elect a person to the city council running as a communist.

    It just doesn’t get much better than this. Tell ya what, South Carolinians, I’ll trade you all your grifters and good ol’ boys for all my progs, libs, leftists, socialists and (yes, even with the left) thieves.