Arrogance of Obama shines through in WH presidential biographies (Updated)

Posted by: ST on May 15, 2012 at 12:32 pm

I wish I could say I was making this up. Jonah Goldberg writes (via Memeorandum):

President Obama has inserted his name into every official White House website presidential biography since Calvin Coolidge (save Gerald Ford). Here are some examples via Commentary:

• On Feb. 22, 1924 Calvin Coolidge became the first president to make a public radio address to the American people. President Coolidge later helped create the Federal Radio Commission, which has now evolved to become the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). President Obama became the first president to hold virtual gatherings and town halls using Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.

• In a 1946 letter to the National Urban League, President Truman wrote that the government has “an obligation to see that the civil rights of every citizen are fully and equally protected.” He ended racial segregation in civil service and the armed forces in 1948. Today the Obama administration continues to strive toward upholding the civil rights of its citizens, repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, allowing people of all sexual orientations to serve openly in our armed forces.

• President Lyndon Johnson signed Medicare signed (sic) into law in 1965—providing millions of elderly healthcare stability. President Obama’s historic health care reform law, the Affordable Care Act, strengthens Medicare, offers eligible seniors a range of preventive services with no cost-sharing, and provides discounts on drugs when in the coverage gap known as the “donut hole.”

I find this very creepy. But I wonder why he’s stopping there? Sure the Obama folks can hie themselves to Wikipedia and get to work on the biographies of leaders going back centuries. After all, Joe Biden says Obama is the most audacious military leader in 500 years, or something like that.

I can’t get to the WH website just now to read some of the other bios, but I’m thankful at least they didn’t carry this all the way back to Lincoln. That one likely would have made me hurl more than any of the others.

Really. There is nothing this man and this administration will not do to attempt to artificially elevate his Presidential legacy. Nothing.

Phineas Butts In: Looks like ST and I were on the same wavelength today. My post is here — Biggest White House ego, ever.

UPDATE: The RNC has set up a very funny satirical site of Obama’s great moments in history. (Phineas)

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14 Responses to “Arrogance of Obama shines through in WH presidential biographies (Updated)”


  1. Tango says:

    …you’re right, Sis. “Creepy” is as creepy does.

  2. Tex says:

    It’s the old “Cult of Personality” that is so near and dear to the hearts of all Socialists/Communists.

  3. Zippy says:

    He’s a hateful, loathsome little prick. To parallel himself to anyone in history besides Hitler, is simply blasphemous.

  4. Tom TB says:

    They even enter his wife! Eisenhower started the Council on Youth Fitness. They added “Today the Council is still going strong-with Olympians and Professional athletes on board-working in conjunction with First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative to help promote healthy lifestyles.” This is something out of Orwell’s “1984”!

  5. Great White Rat says:

    President Obama has inserted his name into every official White House website presidential biography since Calvin Coolidge (save Gerald Ford).

    Oooooh…let me help!!

    I hereby submit this to the White House for addition to the official biography of President Gerald R. Ford:

    In 1976, President Ford made a notable gaffe during his debates with Jimmy Carter when he stated that “there is no Soviet domination of eastern Europe, and there never will be under a Ford administration.” Today, President Obama has surpassed Ford’s standard for presidential ignorance by being unaware of how many states are in the U.S.A., unable to recognize ‘corpsman’ as a military term, and mathematically-challenged enough to promise reducing health insurance premiums by 3000%. He has established trailblazing levels of fatuity in international affairs by identifying Austrian as a language and Europe as a country, and by signing the wrong year in the guest book at Westminster Abbey.

  6. Zippy says:

    @ Great White Rat… lmao .. love your enthusiasm in helping “the cause” ….

  7. Tom TB says:

    Look at Herbert Hoover’s bio. Both Michelle Obama and Jill Biden get a plug for starting “Joining Forces”!

  8. NPF says:

    Not to worry, anything that can be edited in, can be edited out.

  9. PapaMAS says:

    How dare you criticize our Dear Leader! And how can you call him arrogant? Why, he has done so much he already has two autobiographies published! ;)

  10. Drew the Infidel says:

    With Obhammud’s non-existent grip on history it is only a matter of time before he informs us that, like Lincoln, he was born in a log cabin he built with his own two hands. And no one mentioned the intercontinental railroad he talked about.

  11. Kate says:

    Okay…I see a new smash off-Broadway production called “The President” where Obama breaks out in…”I feel pretty, Oh so pretty…” Everyone will be singig along with the Prez as he re-writes history! After all He is SO IMPORTANT!!!

    All this would be funny if it wasn’t taken so seriously by those who back the current president.

  12. Bob says:

    The Broadway song I see Obama singing is “Anything you can do, I can do better” … as all the previous presidents file past, genuflecting before him.

  13. Carlos says:

    Let’s see. Big ears, ugly as sin.

    Fairly common athletic skills, nothing exceptional.

    Mental prowess pedestrian at best, unfamiliar with American history, tradition and, for the most part, language unless reading it (where he still makes major gaffs).

    Personality of a used car salesman.

    Morals of an ambulance-chasing lawyer.

    Accomplished small-time thug, moved on to political thuggery where he excels.

    Yep, the pig-poop-pile has a lot to add to presidential tradition all right. Never dreamed of the day when I thought of Jimmuh as not the worst possible president in history.