Disturbing: Collusion between #Obama2012 and super PAC Priorities USA?

Posted by: ST on August 8, 2012 at 5:41 pm

VERY intriguing:

The former Kansas City steelworker featured in a scathing ad tying his wife’s death to Mitt Romney has appeared in Obama campaign videos before — despite claims by a top Obama adviser Wednesday that he doesn’t know “the specifics of this man’s case” amid revelations that the ad is inaccurate and misleading.

The Romney campaign and other fact-checkers have pushed back hard on the ad, released Tuesday by pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA. The ad, featuring former GST Steel worker Joe Soptic, suggests Romney was in some way responsible for the death of Soptic’s wife because his plant was shuttered after a takeover by Romney’s firm and others — and because his wife died of cancer after he lost his health insurance.

However, the ad hides details about the timeline of those events. Soptic’s wife died five years after GST filed for bankruptcy. His wife reportedly had her own health insurance after Soptic left GST. And Romney had long since left Bain Capital at the time of her death.


Further, the Obama campaign certainly is familiar with the story of Soptic, despite claims by top campaign aides that they’re not as they tried to make the case Wednesday that the super PAC ad had nothing to do with the campaign’s work.

Soptic appeared in a pair of Obama campaign videos in May which hammered Romney over his former company Bain Capital’s role before GST filed for bankruptcy.


This week, Soptic reemerged in the Priorities USA ad telling how his wife got sick, and later died of cancer, after he was let go at GST steel.

Asked about the spot, Obama campaign adviser Robert Gibbs stressed that the super PAC is not connected to the campaign.

“This is an ad by an entity that’s not controlled by campaign. I certainly don’t know the specifics of this man’s case,” he said on MSNBC.

Errr, he isn’t known as “Robert Fibbs” for nothin’.  9 minutes of refusal to condemn, and insisting the campaign is not affiliated in any way with Priorities USA.  Politico has more:

Asked about the Priorities spot on MSNBC Wednesday morning, Robert Gibbs said he doesn’t “know the specifics” while Stephanie Cutter said on CNN: “I don’t know the facts about when Mr. Soptic’s wife got sick or the facts about his health insurance.”

And [spokeswoman] Jen Psaki told reporters on Air Force One that “we don’t’ have any knowledge of the story of the family,” according to Yahoo! News.

But Cutter hosted an Obama campaign conference call in May in which Soptic told reporters the very story featured in the Priorities spot.

Both the campaign and the Priorities USA Action said there was no coordination about Soptic’s appearances. In the campaign’s ad, Soptic speaks only about the plant. In the Priorities spot, he tells the personal story he relayed during the Obama campaign conference call.

“We have no idea when Priorities shot their spot,” an Obama campaign official said. “We’re not allowed to coordinate with them – but we can tell you it wasn’t when we shot ours.”

The aide didn’t answer questions about when the Obama campaign shot its Soptic footage or explain Cutter’s televised statement.

Breitbart.com’s Ben Shapiro gets direct and to the point:

These were lies. The Obama campaign has known for months all about Joe Soptic. In fact, the Obama campaign website ran a slide on Soptic:


That slideshow appears to have been put up in May, coincident with the campaign’s video about GST Steel featuring Soptic.

But that wasn’t all. On May 14, Soptic spoke on an Obama campaign conference call.


For the Obama team to claim ignorance about Soptic while spinning his story precisely the same way as Priorities USA Action did — and then to run a conference call off the story — shows both coordination and lying.

I’d say a full court press for answers is in order to get, among other crucial bits of information, the exact dates and times of the production of the ads to determine, as Victoria Taft firmly believes, if collusion did occur.  We won’t get that from the prObama MSM (not directly, anyway), but I know there are some intrepid bloggers out there who will dig and dig … and hopefully soon we’ll get those answers.  In my opinion, this is just too coincidental to be anything other than collusion, which is  illegal.

As they say, stay tuned …

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7 Responses to “Disturbing: Collusion between #Obama2012 and super PAC Priorities USA?”


  1. Sefton says:

    [/Oblamer Excuse Dept]
    This wasn’t collusion… this was a “composite” coincidental arrangement. If one would “evolve”, one could see how this transpired into the context it has become. We don’t lie to the American people.

  2. Just as a football team is reflective of the tone, personality, and character (or lack therof) of its coach, so is the case with Obhammud and his underlings. There is an inherent danger in following someone who has displayed such an appalling degree of indiscrminate vindictiveness. These counterfeit displays of playing up human suffering for political purposes are disgusting and certainly unbecoming for a US president.

  3. Brontefan says:

    Actually, we have a president who lies continually to the American people. And now there’s a push among Dems in Congress to SEAL the presidential records of our Narcissist-in-Chief. For some of us.. it’s a categoric admission of wrong doing. The 0verton Window is in play here… we keep accepting more and more irrational and unbelievable concepts. I remember the time when you couldn’t say something that was not truth…but today the lies are massive, well-orchestrated, and non-stop. The idea that if the government provides something–it’s free is probably the most outrageous LIE. The idea that you can use innuendo to accuse someone of murder–or worse yet–you can have the media accuse, try, and convict a person without due process. The New Black Panthers get a “pass” and 0bama supporters get “waivers” … which is going to solve all the problems. As our work base shrinks and our economy implodes–who will PAY for all this? No one has told these people what happens when the money runs out and the Marxists take over. Running this ad is both expected and effective because we have a POTUS who is on TV, camera, or the air every single day … which begs the question: who’s actually running the country? Valerie Jared?

  4. Charlotte says:

    The dishonesty is breathtaking.

    Mr. Soptic is making money and gaining notoriety from his wife’s death. He is choosing to lie about her death in order to help a man remain POTUS who will continue to try to destoy our way of life every day he is in office.

    Mr. Soptic is a pathetic lying whore. Wow. What a man.

  5. Chris in N.Va. says:

    Should be no surprise that the Obama campaign has finally gone not Soptic, but SEPTIC.

    (And yet San Fran Nan claims the GOP supports e.coli!!!)

  6. Bill says:

    No one else has asked, so I will ask the question; Mr. Soptic, just how many pieces of silver did it take for these pigs to steal your soul? Where is your dignity? Why do you allow them to distort your own wife’s death for their political aspirations? I watched my mother die from cancer, for the sake of your wife and all those who have suffered and died from this cruel illness, have you no shame?

  7. Carlos says:

    Being diagnosed with stage-4 cancer, she would have had a very hard time convincing Duh-1’s death panel that her life was worth trying to save.

    Why have we not heard this yet?