Photo of the Day – Just in case you had forgotten Obama was “The One”

BuzzFeed caught this earlier:

Light behind BO

A light shines behind President Barack Obama as he speaks during a campaign event at Bayliss Park, Monday, Aug. 13, 2012, in Council Bluffs, Iowa, during a three day campaign bus tour through Iowa.
Image by Carolyn Kaster / AP

Look familiar? It should. See more here. Here. Here. Here. Here.

This disturbing and obscene deification of a sitting President has got to stop – another reason to vote Romney / Ryan in November.

As a sidenote, it’s kind of an interesting picture to caption – so go for it. Doesn’t it look like he’s holding a crystal ball in his hand?

16 thoughts on “Photo of the Day – Just in case you had forgotten Obama was “The One”

  1. Too bad it isn’t a magic 8 ball answering his question “Will I be re-elected??” …. I think the 8 ball is answering “I don’t think so”. LOL – Lorica

  2. You know I wish he would treat Iowa like he does Wyoming. Ain’t been there yet except to fly over it. – Lorica

  3. I thought it was a picture of his Supremeness wielding his Supreme Powers in Harnessing Alternative Supreme {and Green} Energy Sources.

  4. I hope he takes the red pill. Just looking at his ugly puss gives me the Shitzzzzz. He’s not God. The Devil would be more like it. He’s one evil bastard that needs to be sent packing in November, back to Kenya.

  5. Reminiscient of the slew of “wizard” movies of the last ten years, with, of course, Duh-1 as the manificient and beneficent wonderfulness who’s only wish is to help those unable to be as magnificent as him (which is everybody else).

    Worshipping pics like this just fortify the distaste I have for the LSM to begin with.

  6. It will be to everyone’s benefit when they wake up and smell the dog crap and realize this bum is nothing more than a two-bit Chicago political functionary. He puts his Wal-Mart underwear on one leg at a time and needs to be seen in that regard instead of as some sort of mesmerizing nemesis.

  7. I have several Leftist friends that are all about the obscenity of organized religion, but don’t think anything about the deification of Obama

  8. “Crap, it looks like my Imperius curse has worn off. Well, at least I’ll still have Slytherin house voting for me in November….”

  9. Oh, he’s The One, all right. He’s the one who’s trying to make good on his promise to fundamentally transform America. Problem is, we don’t want his kind of transformation: walking all over the Constitution and relieving himself on The Declaration of Independence.

    I just started a series on my blog about Obama and his promise: We The People vs Obama –

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