Rules for the road: “How to behave during an Islamic massacre”

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I was noodling around YouTube this morning and ran across this episode of Andrew Klavan’s sorely missed “Klavan on the Culture” from last year. Like the Churchill quote from yesterday, events of the past few days have made this video again relevant:

And after seeing the Obama administration’s “handling” of this crisis –refusing to defend free speech, blaming Americans for actually exercising that right– I can tell President Obama and Secretary Clinton and all the rest of Team Hopenchange studied this video very, very closely.

And got the point all wrong.


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3 thoughts on “Rules for the road: “How to behave during an Islamic massacre”

  1. Very good points for Andrew. Seems to me the reason the leftist power structure is aligned with the islamic radicals, is that they both have the same goals. Free speech, life, liberty, justice, those are horribly outmoded ideas, from the 18th century. So why not align with a group of people that believe the world should be dragged back to the 6th century. LOL – Lorica

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