Sunday Football Open Thread: Saints at the Panthers

Posted by: ST on September 16, 2012 at 12:45 pm

Are you ready for some football? :) I am, especially considering this will be the Panthers home opener and against a division rival. Not only that, but after last week, it’s not only the players who are hungry for a Cats win. Fans of this team know the great plays these guys can make on the field. The potential for a winning season is definitely there. They just have to do it. The loss against Tampa Bay was downright embarrassing – to say the least. We can do better.

As for the “revenge” talk being floated around by the sports media regarding the bounty stuff and one being placed on Cam Newton? Our guys need to not make this about revenge and just play some d*mned good football.

It’s raining in my part of Charlotte right now but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is at Bank of America stadium as well. Hopefully not.

Game time is 1 Eastern Time and it will be broadcast in this area on Fox.

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6 Responses to “Sunday Football Open Thread: Saints at the Panthers”


  1. Excitement over the Cowboys is hard to come by. They traded up to draft an injured CB from LSU, sign a castoff CB from the NYJ practice squad, and keep a dysfunctional defense and defensive coordinator around. It looks like “Night of the Living Dead.” You cannot make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t.

  2. Phineas says:

    49ers vs. Detroit tonight. We’ll see if it’s a rematch of “Handshake-gate.” ;)

  3. Carlos says:

    Looks like Cam and gang did OK today, ST. Time for you to go celebrate with your beverage of choice…

  4. ST says:

    Milkshake, Carlos. ;-)

  5. Glad your Panthers won, ST. For lack of a better term, the Cowboys got sodomized.

  6. Carlos says:

    Love to join you with that, ST, but DQ doesn’t do sugar-free shakes…