#PagingMSM: The Obama campaign has a serious messaging problem

Posted by: ST on October 3, 2012 at 5:42 pm

Vice President Biden, yesterday in Charlotte:

“This is deadly earnest, man. This is deadly earnest,” the vice president said. “How they can justify, how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that has been buried the last four years — how in Lord’s name can they justify raising their taxes with these tax cuts.”

Former WH spox turned senior Obama campaign adviser Robert Fibbs:

“Let’s be clear, the middle class has been buried for a lot longer than the time that we’ve been dealing with bad economic decisions from the former administration.”

Obama deputy campaign manager and pathological liar Stef Cutter:

“We’re not blaming our predecessor by any means, but we don’t think we should return to the same policies that crashed the economy.”

Uh, wha?

Will our celebrity President be on or off message tonight during the debate?  Or, rather, perhaps he could clarify exactly what that message is? I’m getting very confused ….

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  1. Drew the Infidel says:

    gobbledygook, n.,Unclear, often verbose, usually bureaucratic jargon.–The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language