Mitt Romney pays his own way… and tips well, too!

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After a campaign stop in Florida, Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann, had a craving for Cuban food, so they stopped for takeout at La Teresita in St. Petersburg (1). The staff didn’t want to let them pay, but the Romneys wouldn’t hear of it:

Mitt Romney is believed to have amassed a fortune of more than $200million from his career as a private equity boss.

So he can certainly afford to pay for his own takeout food as he travels around America on the campaign trail.

And when the Republican presidential candidate visited a Cuban diner in Florida yesterday, he insisted on being treated like an average customer.


During the unscheduled visit, the couple picked up some pastries and a serving of soup.

The restaurant staff refused to allow the multi-millionaire to pay for his order – but Mr Romney eventually prevailed, leaving a $40 tip.

Contrast that with a certain other candidate who, um… “forgot” to pay.

Good move all around on the Romney’s part: not only does he have to woo Cuban-Americans to win Florida’s electoral votes, not only do they see that the multi-millionaire pays like anyone else, but Cuban food is also good. I love Cubano sandwiches. Throw in some fried plantains and lemonade and I’m one happy blogger.

And, of course, no candidate can go without posing with babies:

(Courtesy Daily Mail)


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(1) The article says St. Petersburg, but the Web says Tampa. Judging from the photos, I think I have the right web site…

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Dear Left Wingers: The President LOST the debate, ok? Get over it.

As usual, the left does not handle defeat well:

Reddit was up in arms last night after video from the first presidential debate in Denver posted to the site’s politics section appeared to show Mitt Romney pulling cheat notes at the debate. About 2 minutes and 15 seconds in to the video, the GOP nominee is seen putting his hand into his right pocket and placing what appears to be white paper on the podium.

But the Romney campaign told Whispers Friday that Romney was only pulling out a handkerchief.

A close analysis of video of the debate supports that. At 1:26:35 in the video, Romney picks up the same white object—clearly a handkerchief this time—to wipe his face.

This has been such a hot topic of discussion in bitter left wing circles that US News (linked above) actually called in a forensic video analyst to give their thoughts:

A forensic video analyst, who did not wish to be named because of pending state and federal cases he’s working on, says he also believes the white object was just a handkerchief.

“The size, thickness, and overall dimensionality when he first walks up to the podium is consistent with a handkerchief, and not with a single note card,” he tells Whispers. “The elemental movement and mechanics [later on in the video] also suggest it’s absolutely a handkerchief he picks up around his face.”

It’s surreal sometimes watching the way liberals react when they lose.  They said the same thing about Bush allegedly “cheating” during a debate (I think it was against Kerry).  As I wrote this morning on Twitter in a mini-rant, they just cannot comprehend the thought that people out there can do things better than they can, have better ideas than they do … so the other guy MUST HAVE CHEATED.  Here’s more from this morning’s Twitter rant:

BTW, BuzzFeed also confirms Romney was using a hanky and has sceencaps and video.

Here was a great suggestion from a Facebook friend, which I reposted on Twitter:


Update: More left wing moonbattery and excuse-making. It never ends.

#WeekendDiscussion: How could Obama have helped improve race relations in America?

My question WAS going to be “has Obama helped improve race relations in America” but we all know he hasn’t, and I didn’t want the question to be rhetorical anyway, so the weekend discussion (a new feature I am going to try and keep going here) is on how you think he could have helped race relations for America – and do you really think he wanted to?

Many, even some on our own side, had some degree of hope that Obama – supposedly a “post-racial President” who wanted to move beyond the “blame the white guy” meme – would have a positive impact on the state of race relations in America, but he has been a miserable failure in this department.

What do you think he could have/should have done differently? Serious discussion.