Photo of the Day: The Obama/Romney debate summarized in one “priceless” graphic

Posted by: ST on October 9, 2012 at 5:26 pm

Via my friend Tim Sozio on Facebook:

So much truth here!

Need I say more?

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Great trend here in the polling, but keep fighting the good fight! It ain’t over.

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5 Responses to “Photo of the Day: The Obama/Romney debate summarized in one “priceless” graphic”


  1. There is no denying the debate was nothing short of a good ol’ country a*s whuppin’ for Obhammud. Like my Dad used to say, “It doesn’t matter which way you slice a ham, it’s going to always come out pork.”

  2. dark rabbitt says:

    back at the 2008 saddlebrook debate i knew Obama was a phony when being asked by Rev Warren if he, Obama, agreed that life begins at conception, especially since science proved it, and the great O answered, “thats above my pay grade”. the O is the worst example of the worst kind of politician and the worst kind of government employee…and i am a govt employee.

    now 4 yrs later the O shows he does not even know how to earn his pay grade. The O was not , and will never be, qualified to be president.

  3. BeeKay says:

    This won’t last. You know the Marxists in charge will not let Obama lose. Keep pushing. Don’t let those bastards win!

  4. TexasMom2012 says:

    Obama’s problem is that he literally has nothing to run on but I killed Osama and saved GM. Now thinking people know that the Seals killed Osama and that if GM had gone through the legal process of bankruptcy not only would it still be around, it would be in better shape because the unions contracts would have been renegotiated during the bankruptcy process. And the taxpayers would not be on the hook for billions in never to be repaid loans.

    So all he has left to run on is what normally the challenger does. Run as an outsider. Run as if the other guy is too out of touch. The other guy is an evil, murderer, lying, lie faced liar who now wants to kill Big Bird. And his problem becomes this is completely unbelievable after 68 million people heard them both speak. Obama cannot defend his term and Romney was able to eloquently explain his positions and future plans. I do not see how this changes because Romney is the most squeaky clean candidate I have ever seen. None of their smears have passed the smell test and we have Obama in his own voice talking about his drug use when he narrated his autobiography!

    Looks like the election will be 53-47 Romney at a minimum.

  5. Extirpates says:

    A failure to communicate…
    Barry heard he was going to get a lump sum from Romney,
    What was said is he’s going to get some lumps from Romney.