Quickie Recap: All you need to know about last night’s presidential debate


My quick thoughts:

1: Debate moderator Candy Crowley went from moderator/questioner to actively plumping Barack Obama’s pillow and actually being a participant, especially towards at the end when she stepped up to the plate to pinch hit for Obama by seemingly bailing him out on the Libya issue. Key word: Seemingly. Debate moderators who exceed their responsibilities as Crowley did are completely unacceptable, and no future GOP candidate/nominee for President should accept any debate scenario in which she is proposed as the moderator. Crowley even admitted on CNN after the debate was over that Mitt Romney was correct on the issue of Barack Obama not calling Benghazi an act of terrorism for two weeks.

2: That being said, Mitt bungled the Benghazi question which in reality should have been an easy one for him considering the events of the last month. Fortunately, the next and final debate (on Monday) will be on foreign policy, and he should be able to rebound on this question. He simply MUST get this right the next time around. This issue is too important to let the President and his administration slide out of with misdirection, lies, and moderator assistance.

He also needs to point out that it’s not “political” to ask questions about what happened and who knew what and when – and that the families of those who were murdered deserve answers the administration is not willing to give.

3: Barack Obama had over 4 minutes of speaking time more than Mitt Romney.

4: The majority of the questions – selected by Crowley in advance – were slanted against Romney, one of them being asked by someone who may have been a regional Code Pink coordinator.

5: Post-debate polling gave Obama the “edge” on winning the debate, but gave Romney the clear advantage on the economy and the deficit (CNN, CBS). The focus group undecideds on MSNBC and Fox gave the win to Romney, with one on the Fox group saying Obama had gotten away with BSing the American people for four years, and was “trying to do it” at the debate last night. The undecideds on Fox, btw, were mostly Obama voters from 2008.

6: The left, as usual, are spending more time making fun of an innocent Romney gaffe on the question regarding “equal pay” than they are actually talking about debate substance. Shocking.

7: Obama basically needed to prove to his base that he would not be asleep at the wheel the second time around, and he accomplished that – lying most of the way through the debate. As predicted, the MSM and liberal pundits are essentially calling Obama “the Comeback Kid” today. Romney punched and counterpunched often, but will need to do a better job at the foreign policy debate at making the Benghazi issue understandable to low information voters.

8: The whole phony town-hall debate concept should be scrapped. ASAP. It’s a farce, and an insult to actual town-hall discussions that are not scripted, and are not moderated by one-sided journalists.

Your thoughts?

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