Megyn Kelly: Media room laughed, applauded Obama’s “bayonets” line at #lynndebate

Posted by: ST on October 23, 2012 at 6:43 pm

Here we go again:

Fox News Channel anchor Megyn Kelly revealed that, while she watched the final presidential debate from the press room at Lynn College in Florida on Monday night, the assembled journalists burst into laughter and applause when President Barack Obama landed a rhetorical blow against Mitt Romney. When Romney said that Obama has presided over the downsizing of the Navy, Obama shot back “We also have fewer horses and bayonets.” Kelly claims that reporters exalted over this chiding of his Republican opponent.


Speaking with conservative radio host Michael Reagan, Kelly said that she said that she observed the media’s satisfaction with that comment first hand.

“I was in the spin room in Boca when the president made that comment and I can tell you that the media literally erupted around me – laughing and many clapping,” said Kelly.

Debate cheerleading for Obama sound familiar to you? It should. Allahpundit notes other instances:

This isn’t the first time reporters have been caught rooting publicly against a Republican, either. The Seattle Times gave bloggers a week of laughs five years ago when they admitted that some staff members had cheered Karl Rove’s resignation; the editor reprimanded them for showing partisanship in a place as “sacred and magical” as the newsroom. A few days later, Joe Scarborough revealed that people in the MSNBC “newsroom” had booed Bush consistently through one of his SOTUs. When he told MSNBC prez Phil Griffin about it, Griffin supposedly “turned red very quickly” and put a stop to it. And that’s how MSNBC became the sober, studiously nonpartisan investigative news team that you know today.

And don’t forget how “objective journalists” laughed and made fun of Sarah Palin during a live feed hot mic moment after a speech she gave in California back in June 201o.

I could go on and on but you get the point. The only thing remotely laughable about mainstream media bias at this point is their strident denials to the contrary in the face of the obvious.

The jig, as they say, is up.

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15 Responses to “Megyn Kelly: Media room laughed, applauded Obama’s “bayonets” line at #lynndebate”


  1. Dorothy Palmer says:

    And yet, Moron Kelly does not know bayonets are still in US military deployment in Afghanistan. God, is that woman ugly or what? My eldest son (married to a knockout[ergo, a woman who does not look like Megyn Moron], with two children) wonders how she got her job (given her face’s ill-formed nostrils), and I responded “the old fashioned way.”

  2. It is a sad day indeed when our national security becomes a joking matter and an insipid line about “horses and bayonets” is considered some sort of witty rejoinder.

  3. Steve Skubinna says:

    Obama fired up his base, and over at DU and Kos they’re high fiving each other and shrieking “OMG, Obama totally PWNED that idiot Romney!” As if he needed to wrap up the hard left…

    Meanwhile, undecided voters (if there really are any left) are probably saying “What a smug, arrogant, condescending jackhole!” Playing the smartass high school bully does not look Presidential to anyone outside the leftist fever swamps.

    And incidentally, while the military does have fewer horses than in 1916, it actually has many more bayonets. They’re still issued to soldiers and Marines.

    All in all, not one of Obama’s finest performances. He came across as petty, sophomoric, shrill and thin skinned.

  4. PapaWhiskey says:

    Never having been in the Navy (or any other service), Barry Hussein seems quite unaware that aircraft carriers need the protection afforded by surface combatants such as destroyers and cruisers. Hence his snarky-ass disdain for such vessels. This is a personal issue for me, as my son is now a sailor.

    Get that professorial puke OUT OF OFFICE.

  5. Batman says:

    @Dorothy Palmer: Umadbro?

  6. TexasMom2012 says:

    Dad served on a destroyer.
    Obama is a useless bag of skin.
    The attitude he displayed was only appropriate for the most partisan voters. I believe the folks in the middle had to have been completely turned off. Plus anyone who followed the beginning of the war in Afghanistan KNOWS special forces used horses in the beginning of the war. Of course, we dropped them into Afghanistan in less than thirty days after 911. Maybe Obama is incapable of understanding that? Bush pinpointed the culprits, had congressional approval, had a UN resolution, assembled a coalition and had BOOTS in saddle on the ground in Afghanistan, ALL in LESS than 30 days after we were hit on 911. While Obama can’t figure out or refuses to admit who hit our embassy over 43 days ago… Condescending Jerk! An aircraft carrier is worse than useless without its support naval vessels, without them a carrier is a sitting duck!

  7. Gravelagitator says:

    Granted that ‘Nam is ancient history now but I was certainly issued a bayonet when I got there and I can guarantee you that soldiers in our current war zones are packing their bayos too. The fact that a bunch of neutered “news” people giggle at Obozo’s stupid comment does not make it any less idiotic and childish.

  8. Carlos says:

    It only figures that a bunch of sophomoric, childish partisans would laugh at such a sophomoric, childish comment.

  9. redgypsy says:

    the commander in chief does not realize that we still use horses and bayonets (i.e. in Afghanistan, at least)??

    Wow. I will certainly vote for the INFORMED guy.

    (sarc off, in case it’s needed)

  10. tom says:

    Our Navy is bigger than the next 13 Navies combined. Romney wants to build amphibious assault ships which we haven’t used since Inchon in 1950. Last weekend, the Navy christened the USS America, the first of a new class of amphibious assault ships. The cost of construction alone was $2.5 billion. All this AND lowering everyone’s taxes.

  11. Tex says:

    No news here. The MSM ‘news’ organizations, that once set the standard for world wide factual news reporting, allowed themselves to degenerate into nothing but political propaganda mouthpieces for the Democratic Party long ago. We need to stop referring to their members as ‘reporters’ and instead refer to them as ‘propagandists’, which is all they are.

    And by the way, bayonets are still standard issue for all U.S. Marines, who receive extensive training in their use for combat and survival.

  12. Kate says:

    The sound of laughter coming from the newsroom…oh, what a merry bunch of fools! Well it is said it is better to laugh last than laugh first… on it Obama. I want to make sure each of those reporters gets their own personal Obama crying towel on election night.

  13. Demonized says:

    Megyn, this isn’t a surprise. Why don’t you give us their names?

  14. Gravelagitator says:

    Tom: It is better to not type out your thoughts and be thought a fool than to type them out and remove all doubt.

  15. Drew the Infidel says:

    @gravelagitator–My sentiments exactly.