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October 24, 2012

#INSEN: I stand with @RichardMourdock against #prochoice demagoguery

Last night, the three candidates for Indiana Senate participated in a debate, and the last question asked was on abortion and where the candidates stood. All three candidates (Richard Mourdock – R, Joe Donnelly – D, Andrew Horning – L) are pro-life and said so in response to the question. Donnelly is Mourdock’s main opponent and they are locked in a tight race, if polling numbers are an accurate indication. Of course, a Republican having to contend with a Libertarian candidate on the ballot makes it even more uphill and it could ultimately be a factor in this race. But in the meantime, Mourdock’s chief concern is Donnelly, and with two weeks to go before election day, opportunistic, leftists seized on Mourdock’s answer and explanation to the abortion question. Via CNN (bolded emphasis added by me):.....   [Read More]