Cult of Personality Watch: “The Gospel According to the Apostle Barack”

Posted by: Phineas on November 14, 2012 at 1:16 pm

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“He walks among us.”

I truly thought this was satire when I read the headline, something Iowahawk would come up with.

But, no. It’s real, and the author is serious:

The book’s premise is God spoke to Professor [Barbara A. Thompson, Florida A&M], telling her that Apostle Barack Obama’s 155 speeches made between February 10, 2007 and January 20, 2009 had the answers to unlock the kingdom of “heaven here on earth.”

And this is from the book’s promo text on Amazon:

Yes, Barack had worked tirelessly on behalf of the American people, especially those who elected him in 2008. His followers needed to re-elect him to a second term, so that he could continue to accomplish the promises he made, thus, realizing his vision of America as a more perfect political union or “heaven here on earth” Then, as I began to contemplate ways to assist Barack in his 2012 re-election bid something miraculous happened. I felt God’s (His) Spirit beckoning me in my dreams at night. Listening, cautiously, I learned that Jesus walked the earth to create a more civilized society, Martin (Luther King) walked the earth to create a more justified society, but, Apostle Barack, the name he was called in my dreams, would walk the earth to create a more equalized society, for the middle class and working poor. Apostle Barack, the next young leader with a new cause, had been taken to the mountaintop and allowed to see over the other side. He had the answers to unlock the kingdom of “heaven here on earth” for his followers. The answers were repeated – over and over – in speeches Barack had made from his presidential announcement to his inaugural address. Those speeches or his teachings contained the answers to the middle class and working poor people living in a “heaven here on earth” For when the answers were unlocked and enacted, Apostle Barack’s vision of America would be realized.

I’ll wait here while you go hurl.

Out of all the observations and arguments over the direction of our culture, it’s the tendency of some, mostly on the Left, to eschew self-government in favor of a Leader who somehow embodies the spirit of the nation and can divine the “national will” that perhaps disturbs me most. Ronald Pestritto describes this in his discussion of Hegel’s influence on President  Wilson in “Woodrow Wilson and the Roots of Modern Liberalism:”

“People follow the world-historical individual because they see their own spirit in him. This leader has in him the vision of the people’s future. ‘Their fellows, therefore, follow these soul-leaders; for they feel the irresistible power of their own inner Spirit thus embodied.’ Wilson laid out a similar concept of democratic leadership in his essay ‘Leaders of men,’ … As Hegel explains, leadership is necessary in order to uncover and bring to the surface the people’s true will, which become increasingly manifest as history progresses. Underneath the apparent clash of subjective interests and passions, there is a true, unified, and objective will, Leadership finds this true will and points it out to the people.”

(“Woodrow Wilson and the Roots of Modern Liberalism,” Kindle edition, beginning at location 276)

Adjust for the religious framing of Professor Thompson’s work and Hegel’s talk of “spirit” and “will,” and I think you can see the family resemblance. This veneration of the leader and the paternalistic “knowing the people’s will before the people themselves know” is part and parcel of American progressivism, not just in Wilson’s time (and, to an extent, his predecessor, TR), but in the present day in his modern acolyte, Obama. Goldberg discusses this tendency extensively in his must-read, “Liberal Fascism,” and it’s an unhealthy one in a democratic republic, something far too many succumb to.

While people like Obama cloak their beliefs in words of democracy, at their heart they’re statist, elitist, and anti-democratic. At the extreme end of their politics lies totalitarianism, wherein, as Professor Thompson anticipates as “heaven on earth,” God and the State become one.

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11 Responses to “Cult of Personality Watch: “The Gospel According to the Apostle Barack””


  1. Lorica says:

    His followers needed to re-elect him to a second term,

    This really should read “His worshipers”, then it would be accurate. All part of the great deception that comes at the end. – Lorica

  2. Sefton says:

    Ms. Thompson reminds me of the “spiritually fooled” who drank the Jim Jones koolaid. It didn’t end well for them and it won’t for her and her cultists. Unfortunately, they’re dragging the rest of us down with them.

    Also, if she “learned that Jesus walked the earth to create a civilized society”, she may have been listening to a spirit, but it wasn’t from God.

  3. Tango says:

    ….the world has seen this all before. The ancient Romans had bread and circuses. At present, the US has food stamps and the Petraeus scandal/coverup.

    Nope, nothin’ new under the sun.

  4. Kurt says:

    That’s a good point, Sefton. Unfortunately, these cultists aren’t just driving all of us down, but Ms. Thompson is also a professor, meaning that she teaches this sort of drivel, and some of her students apparently lack the good sense to resist it.

    Bookworm also had a good post on the cult of personality yesterday.

  5. Tex says:

    When I hear Obama’s adoring followers using metaphors of divinity when referencing all things Obama I don’t know whether to become extremely sick, or extremely terrified, or both.

  6. Carlos says:

    Pardon me for taking so long to respond to this post – I was blowing hard from both ends after having read this!

    But on to a comment. When this “professor”

    Oooops – gotta go! It’s happening again, just thinking about it…

  7. Sefton says:

    Kurt, I went to your link. Good post, and I read one of the comments – by “Cheesestick” – that sums up for me where I stand on Obama’s so-called popularity and charisma:

    The whole cult of personality thing is so completely lost on me. He is a nasty, immature little boy that is too self-absorbed & self-important to have ever convinced me he was capable of taking care of anything that might help other people… How people actually believe Obama is some friendly, every-man type is just beyond me.

    Seriously, even after you take away his incompetence as president, we’re left with this petulant, narcissistic jackass. The only conclusion is that most of our shallow electorate fawns for the same characteristics because they can relate.

  8. Does this mean we should be on the lookout for him at Sea World as he attempts to unlock the seven seals?

  9. Kurt says:

    Sefton wrote: Seriously, even after you take away his incompetence as president, we’re left with this petulant, narcissistic jackass. The only conclusion is that most of our shallow electorate fawns for the same characteristics because they can relate.

    Oh, I know what you mean. I couldn’t believe that the left was crowing about how well he did in the second two debates. All I saw was a nasty, arrogant, petulant guy who “debated” (if you could call it that) like a spoiled teenager who has convinced himself that he’s the smartest thing around.

  10. Steve Skubinna says:

    G.K. Chesterton said it best: when one stops believing in God, one doesn’t believe in nothing, one will believe in anything.

    Some people are hardwired for faith, and if they refuse religion they will fill that gap with something else.

  11. Carlos says:

    I demand that female be fired! She’s violated the sacred separation of church and state, the very basis (if one believes liberals) of our great Union!

    What’s she doing teaching at the college level? She doesn’t appear to be qualified to teach kindergarten, let alone undergrad mushminds…