Officials: Rep. Tim Scott to be named as Jim DeMint’s Senate replacement

Posted by: ST on December 17, 2012 at 9:55 am

YES!! Via the NYT:

9:47 a.m. | Updated Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina has chosen Representative Tim Scott to replace Jim DeMint in the United States Senate, according to Republican officials. The move will make Mr. Scott the first black senator from the state since the late 19th century. Ms. Haley is expected to make her announcement at noon in South Carolina, according to officials.

For Republicans, Mr. Scott, who lives in Charleston, offers a unique story and background, one that is in scant supply in their party right now. Raised by a single mother, he was, by his account, a lost child who struggled with school and with life until he a Chick-fil-A franchise owner who took him on as a protégé, schooling him in conservative principles.

“Coming from a single-parent household and almost flunking out of high school,” Mr. Scott said in 2010, during his bid for the House, “my hope is I will take that experience and help people bring out the best that they can be.”

Just last week Mr. Scott, who has served in a freshman leadership role in the House, packed up his freshman-size office for bigger digs.

I freaking love it. Can’t wait for the liberal freak out to commence! Grab the popcorn, folks. ;-)

Congrats, Rep. Scott! I know you will represent South Carolina honorably in the US Senate.

Phineas Butts In: And it turns out ST didn’t have to wait long at all for the “freak out” to start. Tolerant, open-minded leftists were already crying  “Uncle Tom,” “token,” and “house negro” before the news had even time to cool a bit. I guess “judging by the content of their character” only applies if the character is liberal.

Meanwhile, congratulations to Senator-designate Scott. I know you’ll do a great job for South Carolina and the nation. And congratulations to Governor Haley, too, for making a fine choice.

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4 Responses to “Officials: Rep. Tim Scott to be named as Jim DeMint’s Senate replacement”


  1. Dana says:

    And how long will it be before we hear that Mr Scott is a “race traitor?”

  2. Drew the Infidel says:

    There is an old saying in coaching, “If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, all you’re going to get is what you’ve always gotten”. This, along with Rubio’s emergence, will help the GOP change its demographic to more resemble that of a changing nation. The left and their commiecrat brethren’s proclivity to drag race into this appointment points up the treatment given to anyone of color who chooses to leave their “plantation” for a better opportunity elsewhere.

  3. Carlos says:

    I’m sure he’ll be as welcome to the CBC as the outgoing Mr. West was. Or maybe they’ll change their rules so only representatives can be members and exclude him based upon the color of his skin?

    Yes, the ever tolerant and inclusive left and CBC will have a field day with this one, dredging up every epitaph ever created by the Democrats during pre-Civil War days and post-Civil War Jim Crow/KKK decades/century.

    Now the only question is, will they follow in their antecedents’ footsteps and lynch him, too?