Disgusting: Dem Whip Steny Hoyer compares stubborn Republicans to child murderers

Posted by: ST on December 28, 2012 at 8:40 am

Taking “new tone” to all new lows:

Washington (CNN) – Less than two weeks after one of the nation’s deadliest school shootings, the No.2 Democrat in the U.S. House, Steny Hoyer, compared Republican tactics for dealing with the nation’s debt limit to someone threatening to shoot a child hostage.

“It’s somewhat like taking your child hostage and saying to somebody else, ‘I’m going to shoot my child if you don’t do what I want done.’ You don’t want to shoot your child. There’s no Republican leader that wants to default on our debt, that I’ve talked to,” Hoyer said at a Capitol Hill press conference.

Hoyer’s comments came in response to a question about the Treasury Department’s notice that the nation was approaching its debt limit. He criticized Republicans for previous resistance to raising the debt ceiling and used the gun analogy to argue that the issue should not be part of the negotiations involving the fiscal cliff.

And Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid likened House Speaker John Boehner to a dictator yesterday because of his refusal to simply cave to the President’s demands on the fiscal cliff issue.

Do both Reid and Hoyer not realize how insanely hypocritical they both are, considering that in the Senate under Reid’s “leadership” there hasn’t been a budget passed in some 1300 days?? Will ANYONE in the mainstream media call them out on this two-faced bull-sh*t, not to mention demand retractions for their idiotically stupid remarks on dictatorships and holding children hostage?

Not. holding. breath. l-)

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11 Responses to “Disgusting: Dem Whip Steny Hoyer compares stubborn Republicans to child murderers”


  1. LCVRWC says:

    It disgusts me that the people of my beloved Maryland haven’t voted all of our morons out yet. Sadly, I cannot vote with my feet at this time, but as soon as I can, I’m moving my tax dollars to Virginia.

  2. Kate says:

    Short answer: No the MSM will not call them out, but will promote what they say!

    I think this a bunch of childish gibberish! Where is the democratic spending cut plan to balance a budget. No where in sight! The President himself ignored a bipartisan commission’s recommendations!

    So I guess we are living in an Alice in Wonderland world now…don’t expect any sanity, just expect backwards talking and the Red Queen to say off with their heads!!!

  3. MarkJ says:

    Re: Steny Hoyer.

    Good thing Steny wasn’t alive in the 1850’s–with his mouth and attitude, he’d have gotten the “full Preston Brooks treatment”.


  4. Wisco says:

    If the metaphor is so offensive, perhaps it would be wise for Republicans to stop using it to describe their negotiating style:

    “Under one variation of this Doomsday Plan, House Republicans would allow a vote on extending only the middle class tax cuts and Republicans, to express disapproval at the failure to extend all tax cuts, would vote “present” on the bill, allowing it to pass entirely on Democratic votes.

    By doing this, Republicans avoid taking blame for tax increases on 98 percent of income tax payers. As one senior Republican in Congress told me, “You don’t take a hostage you aren’t willing to shoot.” Republicans aren’t willing to kill the middle class tax cuts, even if extending them alone will make it harder to later extend tax cuts on the wealthy.”

  5. Tex says:

    Oh those Democrats! Always missing their medication dosages and relapsing into insanity before their news conferences and public meetings! I would recommend a longer acting medication be prescribed by their psychiatrists which should give them much better coverage when they skip their doses.

  6. B. Frank (Retired) says:

    Many people compare Steny Hoyer to a genital wart, which I feel is an insult to genital warts.

  7. ST says:

    Wisco: “If the metaphor is so offensive, perhaps it would be wise for Republicans to stop using it to describe their negotiating style:”

    ST: Nice try. Note the date on your “gotcha”, champ – it was Dec. 3rd, two weeks before Newton happened. And it had nothing to do with children, but instead middle class tax cuts.

    Thanks for playing.

  8. tommy mc donnell says:

    steny is projecting. it is the democrats that are trying to hold the working people hostage by telling them we won’t cut our outrageous spending unless you pay us a bribe in the form of higher taxes.

  9. Drew the Infidel says:

    Remember when Romney was labelled a wife murderer for being in the venture capital business? If we as a people and our so-called leaders cannot communicate with one another without stooping to the basest, gutter-level sorts of affronts, things will get much worse before they get any better at all. It is a safe bet the rest of the world, especially our enemites, are enjoying a good old-fashioned belly laugh at our expense.

  10. mudguy says:

    The democrats don’t just threaten our children they abort them and they don’t need guns to kill them.

  11. Carlos says:

    On child murderers, Hoyer is like the bomber pilot who drops a nuclear warhead at 50k feet and never has to see the carnage that creates.

    Similarly, he never has to see the carnage he creates as a child murderer as he supports unlimited abortion…