Babs Boxer “infuriated” over Rand Paul’s “attack” on Hillary Clinton at #Benghazi hearing

Posted by: ST on January 24, 2013 at 1:06 pm

Oh, what ridiculous pearl-clutching! Via Politico:

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) didn’t like Sen. Rand Paul’s comments about firing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at all.

“When I heard him say those words, I walked out of the hearing room and listened to him from behind the stage because I was so infuriated at what that man said,” Boxer told Rev. Al Sharpton on MSNBC’s Politics Nation on Wednesday. Boxer sits on the the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which was hosting one of Clinton’s hearings on the Hill. “To suggest that she’s retiring from this post after traveling a million miles and being one of the greatest Secretaries of State because of Benghazi is unbelievable.”

The Kentucky Republican called Clinton’s lack of reading State Department cables “inexcusable.”

“Had I been president at the time, and I found that you did not read the cables from Benghazi, you did not read the cables from Ambassador Stevens, I would have relieved you of your post,” Paul said at the Senate hearing.

Senator Paul is exactly right. The State Department incompetency on this issue is staggering, and four American citizens are dead, in part, because they either ignored or denied requests for more security – some of them pleas from Ambassador Stevens himself. If this had happened while Hillary Clinton was a Senator and Bush was President, she’d be the first in line demanding heads roll, and we all know it.

The Secretary of State repeatedly lied her way through the both hearings yesterday in the House and in the Senate by avoiding direct answers and evading questions every chance she got. And when she wasn’t doing that, she was feigning indignancy over pointed, necessary questions asked about why Benghazi happened in the first place – which is a central focus of the hearings to begin with. Was it an “offensive anti-Islam video” or was it a planned, coordinated terrorist attack specifically designed to take place on the anniversary of 9-11? We know the real answers, but Hillary Clinton – and no one else in her department – is interested in being straight up with the American people on clearing the air regarding not only the run up to the Benghazi attack and the attack itself, but the aftermath, in which numerous administration officials, including the President himself, deliberately bungled the response so as to create a false sense of competency.

And I don’t need to remind everyone how this administration willingly and knowingly subjected an American citizen to a lifetime sentence of being on the run and in hiding by way of making him a scapegoat in this whole sad and sorry mess. Is the video maker model American citizen? Doesn’t sound like it. But does that make it ok for them to do what they did to him? Hell NO.

As to Senator Babs Boxer’s being “infuriated” over Paul suggesting he’d have fired Clinton, someone pass her some smelling salts, please, and tell her to get a clue and to can the phony “outrage.” Her outrage should be over why we still don’t have answers yet as to why four American citizens – including a US Ambassador – were brutally murdered by terrorist thugs, and why this administration deliberately misled the American people in the aftermath. Oh, and shall we remind Ms. Boxer than when it comes to “offensive” attacks on public officials, it doesn’t get much worse than her 2007 nasty swipe at then-Secretary of State Condi Rice, where Boxer attacked her on the basis of the fact that she had no children and thus no “personal price” (aka a son or daughter in the military) to pay when it came to Iraq policy?

Perhaps Boxer having no “personal price” to pay related to Benghazi because her family members were and are safely elsewhere is why the deaths of the four American citizens on the anniversary of the horrific 9-11 attacks here apparently mean nothing to her. But the families of those killed in Benghazi deserve honest answers, whether she and her longtime pal Hillary Clinton think so or not. And the Senate nor the House should rest until they have them.

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10 Responses to “Babs Boxer “infuriated” over Rand Paul’s “attack” on Hillary Clinton at #Benghazi hearing”


  1. Kate says:

    This is more of the Washington Beltway mentality run amok…oh my, a pointed question that requires an answer! Oh, that is intolerable. We have a president and his staff that lied to the American people because it was imperative to them that they get him re-elected. Doesn’t matter how many dead bodies they have to step had to be done. Period.

    As for Hillary..she’s being rehabilitated by the MSM for her future coronation as queen of the USA.

    SO Barbara, save the crocodile tears for your minions…some of us see right through all this and are more upset than you are!

  2. Carlos says:

    Oh, where to start on this one?

    1) “…and being one of the greatest Secretaries of State…”” And she has been “one of the greatest Secretaries of State” exactly…how? Or why? What pig poop!

    2) Rand Paul would have relieved her of her duties because he has an inkling of what competency looks like, and as far as I can see, there isn’t a person in this administration who has even a clue that the word “competency” MAY even be in play, let alone be something to strive for.

    3) Clinton’s feigned indignation shown by screaming “What difference does it make who did it?” shows an incredible lack of understanding of justice and rule of law. Especially coming from a supposedly trained lawyer.

    4)One of the reasons nothing gets done in the Senate is the incredible partisanship exhibited by the infuriated left. Babs is simply expressing that partisanship, exacerbating it and making sure it will never be a healed wound. She would sooner see the nation finish going down the drain than figure out government as god is not good policy, never has been in the history of the world and never will be.

  3. Sefton says:

    “I walked out of the hearing room and listened to him from behind the stage because I was so infuriated at what that man said”

    Someone should tell Ms. “Call Me Senator” that the collective IQ of the room rose exponentially when she left.

  4. Jim says:

    They would, but somebody would have to explain what Exponentially meant

  5. Libertarian Advocate says:

    The disconnect between Congress and the American People is illustrated PERFECTLY by that inane political lifer who has made millions riding on our backs all while trying to strip of us both our rights and our livelihoods. What a disgusting sack of shite. Sadly, because she’s from California, she’ll be continually re-elected until she shrivels up and finally blows away in the wind.

  6. Bill says:

    Frankly, if I were prez, I’d have done far more than fire the bitch!!!

  7. These Congressional hearings are exactly the wrong place to expect serious questions be answered directly. The person being questioned usually knows more about the subject matter than do the questioners and, though trained attorneys, the Congressmen are not skilled cross-examiners. Add to that the fact both commiecrats and Republican members alike spent more time pontificating than asking questions and all Shrillary has to do is wait while they foolishly squander their allotted five minutes with empty talk.

  8. Liz says:

    So nicely said…I wish this were front page news instead of Clinton defending herself and being quoted, “was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they’d go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make?” Can you please send this to the editor of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, or anyone who will print it?
    Five Americans are dead because of her actions and lack thereof.

  9. Polly says:

    I guess all that needs said has been said by the writers above. I would just like to add that I respect Senator Boxer — just a little less than pond scum.