Quote of the day on the male/female “equals” battle

Loved this, from author Suzanne Venker (bolded emphasis added by me):

But the truth must be heard. Being equal in worth, or value, is not the same as being identical, interchangeable beings. Men and women may be capable of doing many of the same things, but that doesn’t mean they want to. That we don’t have more female CEOs or stay-at-home dads proves this in spades.

Unless, of course, you’re beholden to feminism. In that case, you’ll believe the above is evidence of discrimination. You’ll believe what feminists taught you to believe: that gender is a social construct.

Those of us with children know better. We know little girls love their dolls and boys just want to kick that ball. This doesn’t mean men can’t take care of babies or women can’t play sports. It just means each gender has its own energy that flows in a specific direction. For God’s sake, let it flow.

The battle of the sexes is over. And guess what? No one won. Why not try something else on for size? Like this: men and women are equal, but different. They’ve each been blessed with amazing and unique qualities that they bring to the table. Isn’t it time we stopped fussing about who brought what and simply enjoy the feast?


13 thoughts on “Quote of the day on the male/female “equals” battle

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Men and women are different, but that’s not a bad thing. It doesn’t mean they have to compete, especially when you consider that God created a man and a women to compliment each other.

  2. A progressive’s dream is to have the entire human race transgendered into “equality”.
    They’re the same people who embraced eugenics and want to play God with the world today.

  3. Excellent article. It has always bothered me that feminism grades women on a man’s scale. It is idiotic to do so, but this is modern day leftist thinking isn’t it? – Lorica

  4. Miss Venker wrote:

    Isn’t it time we stopped fussing about who brought what and simply enjoy the feast?

    Why, you can’t do that! There will always be superiority/inferiority, always be quality differences between the potato salad and the fried chicken, and we have developed a virtual academic “discipline” in finding these differences.

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  6. Well, my Momma, sister, ex-wife and girl-friends always did say I would look silly in a dress! “Now, FIX MY CAR!”

  7. I happen to know several quite serious feminists. As a group they are the unhappiest, meanest most unappreciative, women that I know. It is not possible to have a discussion with them because they already know everything that there is to know. Most of it just isn’t so.

  8. I got a copy on POLLY. I don’t know many but do know some, they do not appreciate any thing you do for them, there unhappy because they feel the world owes them some thing and there frustrated, like there’s no men in there lives.

  9. Well, gee, since they were having to lower the PT requirements and all, I was kinda hoping that even at my old age and with my health issues, I could still scale a three foot wall and do five pushups so maybe I could still become a SEAL. :(( Oh, well.

  10. It’s one of those areas where liberals are vehemently anti-science. In fact, the idea what men and women are
    “identical, interchangable beings” (to use Suzanne Venker’s phrase) is a matter of faith to them.

    The science is crystal clear. The differences between the sexes are more significant than among ethnic groups: the differences are obvious. Genetically they derive from an entire chromosome (XX vs. XY) and not just a handful of genes.

    This hardly stops the Left from demanding that men and women ought to act identically. If you want to watch a liberal’s head explode, point out that they’re anti-scientific fanatics for holding such a view.

  11. “…And guess what? No one won…”

    No, but almost everyone lost, except those strong enough to keep a value system that placed women as at least equal, but different, to begin, with and respected that difference.

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