Quote of the Day: Doing business in Texas vs. California edition

Posted by: Phineas on April 1, 2013 at 1:01 pm

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An observation on why Texas might have more appeal to business owners, from John Harrington, owner of Shield Tactical, who recently relocated his company from Orange County, California, to Austin:

In Texas, he said, “it’s an iota of bureaucracy.” In California, “it’s like before you put up your range you have to be worried about whether the noise level is going to bother the 10-headed duckmouse.”

That made me laugh, but it’s also so very true. One company found the regulatory environment here so burdensome, it wrote California a “Dear John” letter.

Oh, and if you think “duckmouse” was a joke, consider that Sacramento would rather let Central Valley farms die of thirst than fight the EPA over a two-inch bait fish.

BTW, the first linked article is a good one on how Texas is working to encourage firearms manufacturers to move to Texas from states that are imposing more and more restrictions. Smart man, that Governor Perry.

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5 Responses to “Quote of the Day: Doing business in Texas vs. California edition”


  1. The tax breaks and incentives municipalities here in TX offer relocating businesses are conditional. The conditions usually are along the line of meeting the projected number of local people on the payroll or some such, otherwise there is the specter of not being granted that relief.

    Also, we have what is commonly referred to as “tort reform” which is an attractive incentive, especially for firearm and ammo manufacturers. Simply stated, it is a “loser pays” proposition. If someone files a civil suit against someone here and loses, they pay all legal fees and other attendant court costs.

  2. Brontefan says:

    Investors.com just published an article about Americans migrating to Red states from Blue states because they are discovering the GOP run states believe in less government and more freedoms, whereas Blue states are into government regulations and control which means less freedom.

  3. Heltau says:

    “Oh, and if you think “duckmouse” was a joke, consider that Sacramento would rather let Central Valley farms die of thirst than fight the EPA over a two-inch bait fish.”
    This is true. The only thing they are forgetting up in Sacramento is that about 80%-95% of the food that feeds them and the cotton that clothes them and the jobs they tax to death comes from the Central Valley. That is one reason tomatoes cost you 2.89 per pound or even higher. Why milk of any kind costs almost 4-5 dollars a gallon along with the price of any type of meat depending on where you live in this state. Plus the cost of fuel for the vehicles, between 3.89-5.00 dollars per gallon, to get all of this stuff into the stores that sell it.
    Progressive way of life doesn’t work every times it tried. Worst apocalypses ever. :-w

  4. Carlos says:

    Well, not only is the cost of everything ridiculously high, but outside the immediate Central Valley, most of the garbage the rest of us get to buy that they call “fresh” fruits and veggies comes from Central and South America. Not only is one subject to the sleazy, spotty guvmint “inspections” of such foods (and consequently at risk for a wide variety of diseases long thought absent from our country), but the nutritional value and the taste of such foods is close to zero. That, of course, can be blamed on either Boooosh or the Republicans, for whatever raison d’etre.

    Way to go, Progressive Kalifornia! You make the rest of the nation suffer in so many ways from your insipid stupidity, electing the brainiacs you do whose world view is better suited to some sci-fi movie than to reality.

  5. Ryan says:

    The “congress created dustbowl” has been now going on for years. I haven’t been down I-5 since last summer, but you can see the damage done.

    On the gun side, I wonder if Weatherby will ever leave Paso Robles?

    Their bread and butter is still the basic bolt-action hunting rifle, which so far hasn’t faced the wrath of federal and state officials, but with the nonsense that just came out of committee here in CA, perhaps Weatherby will say something.