NC House Speaker’s office: So-called “state religion” resolution “dead”

Posted by: ST on April 4, 2013 at 6:07 pm


RALEIGH, N.C. — North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis’ office said Thursday that a resolution asserting North Carolina has the power to set an official state religion is dead, and won’t go any further.

The resolution, filed by two Republicans from Rowan County, declared “each state is sovereign and may independently determine how the state may make laws respecting an establishment of religion” – thereby claiming the federal government and courts have no authority to decide what is constitutional.

The bill’s primary sponsors were Reps. Harry Warren and Carl Ford, a tea party member. Eleven other legislators signed the resolution. Legislators introduce hundreds or even thousands of resolutions every year, honoring constituents or declaring their stances on issues, but they carry little legal weight.

Warren said in a statement that the bill was only intended to allow Rowan County officials to open their meetings with prayer, not to establish a state religion.

Great. It’s dead. Over. Scrapped. Gone. Done. Can we move on now? Please?

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3 Responses to “NC House Speaker’s office: So-called “state religion” resolution “dead””


  1. Bill says:

    Ahhh, not so fast. There may be a bigger point to this. We are watching states after states passing laws infringing on our 2nd Amendment rights. The Obama(doesn’t)care bill infringes on religious rights. So, as rediculous as this may seem, they may have been trying to make a point. Then again, I live in Texas…so who knows?

  2. Instead of all this legislative jacking around more states should follow Oklahoma’s example and pass a law keeping sharia law out of US courts. I keep waiting for just such a “separation of church and state” to be enacted here in TX.

  3. Carlos says:

    Just don’t hold your breath waiting for such an obviously hateful idea to be endorsed by the Obhammed administration, Drew.

    ‘Course, truth be told he’d have us all worshipping him, not just the 51% that voted for him in spite of his desire to destroy the country, and the heck with all this “separation of church and state” garbage ’cause that was invented by some old dead white guys anyway…