Thankful for many blessings on this #FathersDay

Posted by: ST on June 16, 2013 at 10:30 am

In a couple of hours the family will be getting together for lunch to celebrate Father’s Day. Considering all of the health issues my dad has been going through, we are so blessed that God has allowed him to be with us for another year and that he is still in relatively good spirits, and still enjoys puttering around the yard, in his small garden, and with his truck. This in spite of the fact that he now has trouble seeing, and gets around a lot slower than he used to. We are thankful that he has not given up on life, because we will not give up on him.

The family today will pray for another year of blessings and little miracles, both for him and Mama T, who has been our rock through the good times and the rough times. I pray for all families getting ready to honor your respective fathers on this very special day that you, too, continue to be blessed. And if your father has passed on, may your memories provide you with strength, comfort, and peace as you look back fondly.

Dads matter, and I truly treasure, love, and adore mine. Happy Father’s Day, daddy.

Papa T and ST

Papa T and me – circa mid 1970s.
I was probably yawning, or laughing – or yelling! : )
Happy Father’s Day, dad-o.

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One Response to “Thankful for many blessings on this #FathersDay”


  1. Dana says:

    I spent a good amount of time this past Father’s Day thinking about the fact that my daughters love and respect me, in large part because I’m there, in the home, for them. Their father isn’t someone who gets them on alternate weekends, but someone they grew up with.

    As for my own father, I don’t know what he thinks about on Father’s Day, He decided, when I was in the second grade, that he’d rather have another wife, and left my mother to rear three kids — I was the oldest; my younger sister was only 1½ at the time — by herself, in poverty. Child support in the early sixties was often seen as more of an option than an obligation, and my father chose to exercise his option negatively.

    So, he was gone. I don’t know if he is dead or alive, and I really don’t care. If he is still alive, he might think about the fact that he has a son and two daughters who don’t know him, never see him, and don’t give a rat’s ass about him.