10 thoughts on “Paula Deen out at Food Network – yet serial racist Al Sharpton still has his MSNBC gig

  1. I would have fired Paula Deen for her English Peas recipe…

    As for her so called “racist” comments…the deposition alone is nonsense. That is not a firing offense. But her handling of this has been horrible, she is all over the place and inconsistent, and I suspect there may be more out there and that is why she is in a panic. But I would have fired her years go for just plain bad lame cooking (and I love southern cooking and butter).

    As for Al Sharpton, he should be fired too. Not just for being a racist but for being a serial liar. But that is a hiring plus over at MSNBC. Provided your lies are directed to the right.

  2. Sharpton’s also well known for his anti-semitic comments.
    But, he’s a shill for the Dems and their plantation population control, so he gets a pass.

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  4. It is worth mentioning that our cowardly Divider-in-Chief has set the racial maturity in this nation back 60 years by injecting himself into street-level crimes while playing the race card. Remember the “beer summit” when he rose to the defense of an Ivy League black prof arrested for disorderly conduct? Or that crack he made about “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon?”

    A better item for speculation is how would Obhammud’s son develop provided he was man enough to raise a son in the first place.

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