#TXlege: The abject failure of modern “feminism” explained in one simple picture

Posted by: ST on July 12, 2013 at 4:42 pm

Taken today at the Texas State legislature, where pro-life bill HB2 likely will be passed by the Senate and then signed into law by the Governor (language warning – y’all know I don’t like that kind of talk here but this needed to be shown):

Failure of feminism

The face of pro-choice. Says it all. And not in a good way.
Photo via @Students4LifeHQ.

Any questions?

PS: That gal doesn’t look over 14 or 15. Not only a feminism failure, but perhaps a parenting failure, too. :(

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16 Responses to “#TXlege: The abject failure of modern “feminism” explained in one simple picture”


  1. Jill F. says:

    yeah, parenting failure…

  2. Carlos says:

    All this, of course, from the folks who have pleaded for years for more civil discourse.

    Well, in the words of my famous old drunk Hungarian uncle, “Civilly discourse THIS!!!”

    I am soooo sick and tired of the “rules” applying to conservatives (or anyone else who happens to disagree on any particular sacred leftist belief) but not to them. From now on, if any of them wants an in-your-face confrontation I’ll be more than happy to accommodate them. I’m still well over 6′-2″ and still weigh more than 235, and there aren’t a whole bunch of the leftist, gonad-less pansies that’ll be pushing me around a bunch.

    (But maybe they can bus in a couple of union thug goons from out of state to do that, maybe?)

  3. The most amazing thing about these strident members of the street rabble is that their signs actually contain real words.

  4. Mcdave says:

    Thanx Disney, Discovery, Nicklodian, PBS, Cartoon Network, Oprah, Dept.of ED., etc. etc. etc….

  5. proof says:

    ” Bricks and Tampons Intended to be Thrown at Pro-Life Lawmakers ”
    Gosh. Sure hope they can tell the difference!

  6. Carlos says:

    The young female (obviously not a young lady, and probably will never be a lady of any kind, ever) is a sure mark for a stat rape charge for some dumb, young, masochistic sucker whose hormones are out of control.

  7. EBL says:

    The type of parent who would have their child hold this is the type of parent who would abort that same child because of inconvenience.

    So I am sadly not surprised.

  8. Lorica says:

    It is very odd that anyone would let their 15? maybe year old female child hold this sign. Right now there are 15 year old boys wondering just how far they can get with this girl.

    She might actually feel justified in using this sign if she is some sort of Christian “liberal”. Their belief, that ones feelings trumps Holy Scripture would then validate the use of this sign. Tragically they won’t know the truth until it is far too late. The thing we can really do for people such as this is to pray and hope the light of God will somehow penetrate their hearts and minds.

    Then there is the thought that this girl’s parents, who are most likely in their late 30s, are still upset because Mommy and Daddy forced them to go to church when they were young. Soooo why not be upset and continue to be hateful toward the Church, and raise the children with no understanding of love or compassion after all being a good liberal is reward enough.

    As my good friend Gordon Zyche use to say “How long are you going to blame the Indians who were here before us for your problems today?” LOL – Lorica

  9. As if further proof of the churlishness of this crowd of protesters were necessary, there are news reports out indicating security officials confiscated 18 bottles filled with feces and urine along with paint, glitter, and confetti. All were intended to be thrown from the gallery.

  10. Brontefan says:

    Liberals love to hide behind emotional scenarios and children. Question: why would you need more than 20 weeks to decide?

  11. ALman says:

    The name of Jesus has encountered much over 2,000 years. Yet, it has endured. So, it will survive her disrespectful sign. However, it’s sad and unfortunate that this young woman is under the impression that it’s okay to use a name, revered by millions, however one wants as long as it suits her purpose.

    In His name, may she learn what forgiveness is. So that in later life, if she comes to realize the fallacy of her youth, she will have the forgiveness for her parents who lead her (?) and allowed her to participate in such a display.