Disturbing: NC news outlet publishes puff piece on 12 y/o … pro-abortion “activist”

Shaking my head.


I could have gone the rest of my life without reading this story. Sigh. Via the Burlington Times-News:

At age 12, Madison Kimrey is too young to preregister to vote, and she doesn’t see taking a trip to Planned Parenthood in her near future.

But the girl from Burlington wants the right to do both those things one day, and on Tuesday she went to the state Executive Mansion to protest legislation Gov. Pat McCrory signed into law that limits abortion access and eliminates the program allowing students to preregister to vote prior to turning 18.

Kimrey was also the girl who was handed slices of cake through the Executive Mansion gates Tuesday night, following McCrory’s personal delivery of cookies earlier Tuesday afternoon.

Kimrey and her mother had been in Raleigh on Tuesday morning for the protests, but Kimrey had to return to Burlington in the afternoon for a voice lesson.

“Occupy Raleigh tweeted that they were going back and needed more people,” Kimrey said.


A few of the things Kimrey, who is home schooled, would say to the governor can be read on her blog, “Functional Human Being,” which she started earlier this month after her first foray into political activism in Florida.


Kimrey said she has attended three Moral Mondays on behalf of voting rights, equality and access to abortion.

“It’s really cool to go to Moral Mondays and see all the people who are supporting different topics,”  she said.

That’s how she became passionate about voting rights and the ability to preregister before turning 18.  Kimrey has written about that topic on her blog — which gets about 200 views a day — as well as her strong feelings about homosexual equality, animal rights and access to abortion.

Though Kimrey recognizes the bill McCrory signed into law doesn’t physically limit access to abortion clinics, she said, “The way he’s made it now, it’s going to be so expensive … it’s going to be near impossible for people to (afford).”

You really canNOT make this stuff up.

Don’t be mad at the young girl. She doesn’t know any better. Be upset with the fact that her liberal parents likely have failed to educate her on exactly what abortion is – that it mutilates unborn baby girls and boys inside of the mother’s womb.  I’m sure their child would delight in a pregnant dog and would protect it from harm by others, but have her parents told her that unborn babies deserve even more protection from harm – including the deadly, irreversible harm that comes from the inhumane practice of abortion? Sure doesn’t sound like it.  Did her parents explain to her that the standard pro-abortion mantra means a baby is a “choice” while still in the mother’s womb and only a child when it’s actually born?  I’ve always wondered how conversations go with pro-choice parents and their young ones on the issue of abortion. Do they explain to them: “We could have terminated you during pregnancy but we chose to keep you”?

Hopefully when Kimrey grows up and expands her knowledge base she’ll come to see the light like so many of us former pro-aborts did.  And hopefully she’ll take a more mature, informed, and honest approach to the issue than her parents did, with the understanding that if her parents had made that other choice, she wouldn’t be around to talk about how important it was to have “access” to take away the chance in life she’s able to enjoy because her parents chose to view her as a child instead of a choice.

BTW, take a look at the pro-choice comments below the article. Almost worse than the article itself.

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