Labor Day Weekend Open Thread

Posted by: ST on August 31, 2013 at 10:22 am

Assuming everything went off well without a hitch, as you are reading this I am at an undisclosed location on the NC coast (not the Outer Banks, but maybe next year!), enjoying the feel of the sun on my face, the smell of the salt water, and the grit of the sand beneath my newly-polished toes.  I may tweet a picture or two from my trip, so make sure you’re following me on Twitter if you’re not already.

Hope you, too, are having a similarly awesome holiday weekend. If not, make it a good one! :-)  b-)

Avalon fishing pier

Beautiful cloudy morning at Avalon fishing pier
Kill Devil Hills along the NC coast.
(Photo via

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5 Responses to “Labor Day Weekend Open Thread”


  1. Jesse Garrett says:

    Since this is an open thread, I would like to take this opportunity to illustrate to my liberal acquaintances how economics works. I can do this because in getting my CPA I took several economics courses, but most of all because I can think logically.

    First of all, and this is important and totally apolitical, MONEY IS NOT WEALTH. PRODUCTIVITY IS WEALTH. Try to visualize this. Sister Toldjah has $100, and I have a $100, for total assets between us of $200, but ST would like to have a shovel. I don’t have a shovel, but I do some WORK, and MAKE a shovel. Then I sell my shovel to ST for $20. Now ST has $80 PLUS a shovel proven to be worth $20. Her assets STILL total $100, but MY assets now total $120, for total assets between us of $220!!! Do you see what happened? $20 of WEALTH has been created because I WORKED and produced something of value.

    Now visualize the same starting position. ST has $100 and I have $100. Total assets are once again $200. This time, however, Barack Obama comes up and TAKES $20 from ST and gives it to me even though I have produced NOTHING. Once again I end up with $120, and ST has $80, but now she has NO SHOVEL. The total assets between us is STILL $200. NO WEALTH HAS BEEN CREATED BECAUSE NO WORK WAS DONE AND NOTHING WAS PRODUCED. Gosh, I can’t figure out WHY this is so difficult for liberals to understand.


  2. Jesse Garrett says:

    BTW, the photo is gorgeous!

  3. ALman says:

    You realize, of course, it’ll cost $20-30 to give you the $20.

    On another note, I see red-line man blinked. So, if the whole world didn’t know it before, they now know that his motto is speak loudly and carry a small stick.

  4. Carlos says:

    He doesn’t even have a small stick, ALman, all he’s got is bluff and bluster and thug minions willing to do his bidding, from DoJ to the IRS, but they’re effective only within the borders of this country.

    And the ENTIRE world knows this, laughs at him, laughs at us for being foolish enough to elect a beta male that wears his mom pants backwards, and goes about accomplishing whatever it is they wish because they know the US is no longer emotionally/ethically/economically/ideologically capable of being the world’s cop and/or shining light on the hill.

  5. Drew the Infidel says:

    If you invested $10,000 in AT&T, you would probably have about $110 of it left. If you invested that same $10,000 in United Airlines, you would probably have about $150 left. But if you bought $10,000 worth of beer and drank it, you could recycle the cans and have $240 cash.