Louisiana Gov. Jindal to DOJ: Leave our school voucher program alone!

Posted by: ST on September 6, 2013 at 11:32 am

Fox News reports on efforts from Obama’s DOJ to halt Louisiana’s school voucher program, and the push-back efforts of Gov. Jindal and other state officials in response (bolded emphasis added by me):

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is fighting back against the Obama administration’s push to stop his state’s school voucher program, which allows children from low-income areas to attend better performing schools.

The Republican governor’s office announced Thursday the State of Louisiana has filed a motion to delay a petition from the Justice Department that is trying to stop the state from distributing school vouchers in any district that remains under a desegregation court order.

In papers filed last month in the U.S. District Court in New Orleans, the Justice Department said Louisiana distributed vouchers in 2012-13 to nearly 600 public school students in districts that are still under such orders, and “many of those vouchers impeded the desegregation process.”

Jindal argues the Obama administration is pushing to stop the program to satisfy their union allies at the expense of poor children seeking a better education. He says the administration’s claim the program is violating a desegregation law is a “backwards” argument.

“Despite the fact that 90 percent of students in the program are minorities and 100 percent of students are from low-income families, the President and Attorney General are trying to deny equal opportunity to these children by using rules that were set up to prevent discrimination,” Jindal said in a press release. “It’s backwards and immoral.”


In arguing that the voucher program had hurt desegregation efforts, the Justice Department cited an example of Independence Elementary School in Tangipahoa Parish. It said the school lost five white students because of the voucher program, “reinforcing the racial identity of the school as a black school.”

It also said Celilia Primary School in St. Martin Parish School District is a majority-white school in a majority-black district, and it lost six black students because of vouchers, “reinforcing the school’s racial identity as a white school.”

State Education Superintendent John White told the Times-Picayune last month that almost all the students using vouchers are black and “it’s a little ridiculous” to argue that students’ departure to voucher schools makes their home school systems less white. He also said it’s ironic that rules established to combat racism were being called on to keep black students in failing schools.


Isn’t it fascinating to watch how far the left will go to deny school choice opportunities for parents, especially when you consider their motto for decades has been all about “the right to choose”?  We saw that play out here in North Carolina during the (ultimately successful) push by the GOP-led General Assembly (our state legislature) for more school choices for parents. Democrats absolutely flipped out over the idea of education money being funneled away from public schools in order to give low-income families more educational choices. Apparently to the left, the “right to choose” should only be extended to women who want to terminate innocent unborn life and not to mothers and fathers who want the option to educate their kids in a school NOT of the state’s choosing.

You really can’t make this up.

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3 Responses to “Louisiana Gov. Jindal to DOJ: Leave our school voucher program alone!”


  1. Drew the Infidel says:

    About two sentences into reading this article, the leftist stench becomes noticeable with phrases like “low income”, “racial identity”, etc. But in the last several sentences the most obvious trademark of the left shows when it becomes obvious the government is shoving its choice for a student’s school down the throats of the parents.

    An old idea regarding the privatization of education is worth revisiting; it would mean getting the government out of the picture, destroying the need for DOE, and diluting the power of the teachers union. After all, the key element is a quality education for children.

    BTW, the establishment of the Department of Education was a violation of a campaign promise made by Carter.

  2. Steve Skubinna says:

    Leftists are for “choice” in only one circumstance, and even then it’s just a euphemism for infanticide. So why should anyone be surprised that the people who want to kill children are opposed to exposing them to quality education?

  3. Carlos says:

    What this all boils down to is that the race hustlers in the administration (i.e. – Holder and Obama) are terrified the children in question could get some actual education, freeing their minds to help them escape the jackass plantation and the Democrap slavery chains.

    There is no cost too great to prevent that from happening, at least to Mr. My People and his vacationing boss. Even though infanticide is legal, the kids in question are too old to abort now, even by the Holder/Obama standard.