If Paul Ryan’s budget is a “Stinkburger” to Obama, what are Obama’s failed budgets?

Posted by: ST on April 3, 2014 at 10:31 am
King Obama

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The Politico reports on a speech our celebrity President made yesterday to a captive audience at the University of Michigan:

President Barack Obama headed out on the road Wednesday still glowing from the latest Obamacare numbers and set his sights on congressional Republicans still working to obstruct his agenda.

The House GOP’s new budget proposal and efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act “should be familiar because it was their economic plan in the 2012 campaign, it was their economic plan in 2010,” he said at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. “It’s like that movie ‘Groundhog Day.’ Except it’s not funny.”

Clearly in a good mood a day after announcing that at least 7.1 million Americans had signed up for health insurance through ACA exchanges, Obama followed up one punchline with another. “If they tried to sell this sandwich at Zingerman’s they’d have to call it the Stinkburger or the Meanwich,” he said, referring to the local restaurant where he stopped for lunch before his arrival on campus.

Firstly, let’s all stand up and salute the impressive maturity level of the President of the United States – also the Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces.  Because nothing says “take my argument seriously” and “respect the office of the Presidency” like the leader of the free world using sandbox terminology to describe a budget proposal he probably hasn’t even read.

But secondly, and perhaps most importantly – if Rep. Paul Ryan’s good faith budget is such a “Stinkburger”, then what does it make the President’s budgets, which got exactly ZERO votes – none, zilch, nada, not even his own party – when presented?


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4 Responses to “If Paul Ryan’s budget is a “Stinkburger” to Obama, what are Obama’s failed budgets?”


  1. Neo says:

    Most of Obama’s budgets have been complete vapor, so I guess you would call them a fart-burger

  2. This country is almost as divided now as it was during the Civil War and the blame can be laid at the feet of our Divider-in-Chief. This is the mantle of a gutter politician who “organizes” along lines of division. This way he can practically walk into a crowd and lay his hands on his supporters.

    Tinhorns like Obhammud cannot argue a case like a budget based on its merits but would rather inflame it in order to send it to the back alleys of political controversy.

    “I speak of peace, while covert enmity
    Under the smile of safety wounds the world.”–Shakespeare, from “Henry IV”

  3. Sefton says:

    Hitting the campuses again. He never fails to do this when he needs the backdrop and vocal approval of his brainwashed bots again, both for the nightly broadcasts and his own ego.

    It’s an amazing thing to see – as ST stated, no matter how low this empty suit goes, no matter how many times he lies, no matter how many times he shows himself to be a eunuch at foreigh policy or craps all over the Constitution, there will still be that 40% of mindless lemmings who will follow this rat over the cliff.

  4. Carlos says:

    He has, since his speech at the 2004 Democrap national convention, never had a serious public moment, nor has he ever, since being president, submitted a budget as required by the Constitution.

    But is that surprising? Of course not. One whose idea of getting along is to divide, and one whose mathematics abilities are somewhere south of even today’s Common Core 3rd grade idiot kids, can’t be taken seriously by anyone not in love with such a mama’s boy sugar daddy willing to steal just to get votes.