#TBT: Congressman @TGowdySC owns media on questions surrounding #Benghazi (VIDEO)

Posted by: ST on May 8, 2014 at 11:15 am
Congressman Trey Gowdy

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-SC-4
Photo by Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call

In honor of Throwback Thursday, I present to you this awesome video of Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC-4) – recently named Chair of a new select committee on Benghazi – taking the media to task (presumably) last October for their failure to ask important questions of the President and his administration on the Benghazi issue. My friend @KatMcKinley, from who I saw this video on Facebook, sets it up:

This is epic. Watch at the end when Trey Gowdy asks the media questions. Such a grand takedown that I hope all media there slithered away in shame. If you watch nothing else today, watch this. He basically drops the mic at the end. My respect for him just tripled.

I think yours will, too, after you watch it:

Doubly cool is the fact that Gowdy is ignoring recent reported threats against him and is pressing on for answers:

While appearing on Fox News Wednesday, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., laughed off a death threat he received after being tapped to head a select committee on the Benghazi terror attack, Newsmax reported. He also told Megyn Kelly he intends to subpoena former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

As we reported Tuesday, Politico said journalists had received emails saying harm would come to Gowdy over the Benghazi investigation. Capitol Police did not provide any details, but said “an active, open investigation” is underway.

“I was a prosecutor for 16 years. This is not my first death threat,” he said. “I’m always happy when it doesn’t come from my wife, and this one did not. So, I’m going to be fine, and it’s not going to keep me from doing my job.”

I really like this guy.

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13 Responses to “#TBT: Congressman @TGowdySC owns media on questions surrounding #Benghazi (VIDEO)”


  1. Sefton says:

    Boot meet the ass of the MSM.

  2. steve says:

    I think Gowdy is the right guy for heading up the select committee. I’ve been checking his action out the past couple of days and been pretty impressed at his no-nonsense and aggressive approach. Perhaps this could be the reason Obama named W. Neil Eggleston as White House counsel. He might need all the help he can get.

  3. Carlos says:

    The threats to his (Gowdy’s) life have undoubtedly come from either or both of these sources: the “tolerance” crowd opposed to any violence, or from WH operatives who wish to protect their tin-horn god/president-for-life from ANY embarrassment.

    Unfortunately for them (WH operatives), he is, in and of himself, an embarrassment to any political pig in the world, and there’s nothing they can do to protect him from himself.

  4. Neo says:


  5. H Hazell says:

    He may not wear size 14 shoes, but that kicked ass like a size 14 shoe!

  6. arcman46 says:


  7. The next unexplainable weather event to happen will not have been caused by global warming. It will be due to the turbulence being kicked up by the scurrying cockroaches looking to cover their collective asses or leaving DC so fast they suck the windows out of the buildings.

  8. citizenjane says:

    Please, Mr. Gowdy, don’t disappoint.

  9. listingstarboard says:

    Can’t help but notice how uncomfortable Kelly Ayotte is in the background–shifty eyes, heavy swallowing–she is truly a disgrace to Conservatives. Freaking RINO .

  10. R of the H says:

    I like the fact that he has stated he doesn’t care whose career this ruins,including his.
    The media now knows they’ve been fed crap.
    They also know they would lose their job if they turn on the president. He is their Nelson Mandela, MLK, Malcolm X all in one.Big gov will have sacrifice somebody, it won’t be the O.
    They have turned on Hillary before, perhaps again.I’m sure the Clinton’s won’t take it without a fight.
    Trey Gowdy will eat the media alive. He is quicker than they are.
    They will beg him to stop before its over

  11. @listingstarboard–Agreed. Her voice is creaky and shaky as if she is having difficulty raking up the courage to honestly believe the stance she is espousing. The shifty-eyed demeanor of Lindsey Graham is indicative of a troubling lack of sincerity as well. McCain went phony years ago.

    “Do you see a man who is hasty in his words? There is more hope for a fool than for him.”–Proverbs 29:20