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Hillary Clinton set to soon do a sit-down interview with Fox News?

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The Washington Post reports an intriguing development: Fox News Channel will do an interview with former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton next month on the heels of her memoir release date. Fox News’s Bret Baier and Greta Van Susteren will conduct a joint interview with Clinton on June 17, the network announced Thursday. It […]


Pelosi channels Whoopi Goldberg on the #VAscandal: It’s not really a scandal-scandal…

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**Posted by Phineas Oh, brother. While her minions race to the microphones to denounce VA Secretary Shinseki before the voters take out their wrath on them, House Minority Leader (1) Nancy Pelosi took the softball question lobbed to her by Vox’s Ezra Klein (2) and explained that, yes, the poor treatment of veterans was scandalous, but […]


Obama’s West Point speech criticized by three major newspaper editorials

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And you’ll never believe why.  Via The Politico (hat tip): Editorial boards at three major U.S. newspapers are criticizing President Barack Obama’s foreign policy speech at West Point as incomplete and failing to recognize America’s international standing. The New York Times editorial board, often supportive of the White House, wrote that his “address did not match the […]



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Wow: Detroit Urged to Tear Down 40000 Buildings



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MH 370: Search area for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 ‘can now be discounted‘


Fox News

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Update: Shinseki faces bipartisan calls to resign after VA watchdog report



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TX Politics: David Dewhurst loses another Texas GOP runoff


Chris Cillizza

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Hmm: Obama’s Speech Reads Like a Response to Rand Paul