Weekend Open Thread

Just about to head out for the day. :) Here’s a picture of a plant I bought at a local nursery a week ago today. ┬áStill looking good! Which is saying a lot for me since I’m notoriously bad at taking care of plants. Y’all have a great Saturday!

My plant

2 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

  1. Two random thoughts:

    Does anyone honestly believe Shrillary’s account of what happened in Benghazi when neither she nor Obhammud can account for their whereabouts on the night in question?

    Is it reasonable to assume Obhammud will stand up to Russian aggression in Ukraine, aid our allies, and punish our adversaries when he does not even possess the intestinal fortitude to stand up to the VA bureaucrats responsible for the deaths of our veterans?

  2. ST, I just planted three rose bushes.
    With no formal training in horticulture, everything I’ve planted does just fine, though it takes a year or two to flourish sometimes.

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