.@BarackObama’s political philosophy explained in one tweet – by him

King Obama

Image via Salon.com

I think this rather says it all, don’t you?

Emphasis on “will do whatever I can without Congress” – which he does an awful lot these days. Who needs a stinkin’ Congress anyways? 8-|

2 thoughts on “.@BarackObama’s political philosophy explained in one tweet – by him

  1. The tweet itself is a damn lie. “Responsible”? Knee-deep in unmanageable debt? Really?

    The “straw man” to attempt to balance this argument is “millionaires and billionaires” who supposedly have an unfair advantage over these poor students. Baloney! How did millionaires and billionaires get to be that? By shrewdly managing their finances. Duh!

    You cannot spend yourself rich.

  2. – College age young adults and students (and now we see young illegals as well) are all part of the bought and payed for Demorat/Progressive voter base.

    – Of course him and his party pander to them at every opportunity. Without them the Socialists couldn’t get elected to dog catcher.

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