Weekend Open Thread

Posted by: ST on August 2, 2014 at 11:06 am
Open Thread

Open thread …. literally : )

I’m headed out to run errands and to try to enjoy this mostly cloudy (but still beautiful) day in Charlotte. Wanted to write more at length about the story surrounding House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s literally chasing a GOP member of Congress on the House floor over mere disagreement, but won’t have time to do it today. Read the story for yourself – it has to be read/seen to be believed. It was a severe breach of decorum, but unlike how House Dems reacted when Rep. Joe Wilson yelled, “You lie!” at President Obama during a State of the Union, don’t expect much of any criticism of what she did yesterday.

Hope y’all have a good one!

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3 Responses to “Weekend Open Thread”


  1. BBHunter says:

    – When I saw the video of granny-skankworks charging across the House floor wagging her gnarled finger I flashed back on the Wicked witch of the north doing the same just before she gets hit with a bucket of water and melts into the road.

  2. Drew the Infidel says:

    Friday on “Fox & Friends” former CIA bin Laden unit chief Michael Scheurer stated what I had posted here a few days ago and that is that Unabanger Clinton had multiple opportunities to take out bin Laden, not the one he claimed to have passed up. They asked numbskull Geraldo Rivera his view and he launched into a personal attack on Scheurer that was despicable. Scheurer’s service to this country far exceeds anything Rivera has contributed.

    Later, on “The Kelly File”, former CIA operative Gary Berntsen repeated Scheurer’s assertions and commended him for his work. They had former Clinton aide Lanny Davis give a lame fact-challenged rebuttal. As Mr. Berntsen retorted, “I know the specifics; I lived them.”

    On “Hannity”, Mr. Scheurer repeated his assertions from the morning show. Know-nothing Clinton pollster Doug Schoen offered his half-baked rebuttal, looking foolish in the process.

    What this all points to is running interference for Shrillary’s still unannounced run for the WH in 2016. It is unlikely she will be nominated, let alone elected. She carries more baggage than American Airlines.