#NCSEN: WTVD runs one-sided “equal pay” story using Hagan campaign talking points

Posted by: ST on October 15, 2014 at 5:16 pm
Raleigh-area media

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4 Responses to “#NCSEN: WTVD runs one-sided “equal pay” story using Hagan campaign talking points”


  1. Hey North Carolinians, if you like your thief you can keep your thief:

  2. Carlos says:

    Just read a blurb about Warren from MA. Said she’s “one of the most progressive senators…”

    The public in general needs to be educated about the label “progressive.” It’s typical liberal mangling of traditional language (and pushed hard by the LSM because it’s so misleading), but then, I’m real sure most “progressive” politicians wouldn’t wish to be labeled or label themselves as “socialist” or, usually more accurate, “Nazi.” That probably wouldn’t work out too well for anyone outside Vermont, not even for Nazi Pelousy.

    And Hagan counts herself as a “progressive.”

    Just like I don’t believe a Christian can be a socialist and a Christian at the same time (Christianity despises theft, socialism is built around theft), I don’t believe a person can be a progressive and “for the little man” (what the stated basis of the Democrap party is) at the same time, either. Both are incoherent nonsense.