Back to blogging :-)

Posted by: ST on January 18, 2015 at 2:30 pm
ST Command Central.

ST Command Central.

After taking an unintentionally long hiatus, yours truly is back to blogging. :)

Last year saw a lot of changes for me on many fronts, and “real life” got a whole lot busier. And in the summer when the race for the NC US Senate seat between then-Senator Hagan and now-Senator Thom Tillis began to heat up, I had to make some choices to make and decided that my offline responsibilities and the Senate race would be my top priorities – so I didn’t get to blog much, as social media became my main front for getting the message out about Kay Hagan, the bias of the North Carolina press, and how important it was that North Carolina do its part in changing control of the US Senate. Thankfully, we did! In fact, Roll Call did a nice piece talking about how NC conservatives/activists really stepped up their Twitter game in the final weeks before the election, which may have helped carry Thom Tillis to victory.

Since the election, offline life has continued to be busy both personally and professionally, which kept me away not only from my site but social media as well. In fact, this weekend has been the first real “me time” breather I’ve had since the week of Christmas, and my goal as it has been for quite some time was to change the theme and make it a more “back to basics” type format where the content was the main focus, not all the links and fancy bells and whistles – which I don’t have time to maintain anymore, anyway. So the new them is “live” – and I hope everyone likes it. Still have a bit of tweaking to do here and there, but for the most part, this is how everything will look.

It will be nice to (slowly) get back into the blogging and social media groove, even though now it will be infrequent and not as often as I once could do. But what’s important – and you learn this once you don’t have the time on your hands you’d like to! – is the quality of content and not so much the quantity, although if you can go doth quantity AND quality, that’s a definite bonus! Also, I plan to expand my topic range to incorporate things I didn’t talk about much here before – things like fashion, movies, home decorating, and other topics of general interest that go beyond politics and current events. I feel like I limited myself a bit before, and don’t want to do that anymore.

As always, the one and only Phineas, who has been my co-blogger here for many years and who has done an outstanding job, is welcome to blog here whenever he wants to. The door is always open!

Thanks for listening/reading. :)

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18 Responses to “Back to blogging :-)”


  1. Phineas says:

    And let me be the first to welcome you back. You’ve been missed, Miss. :D

    The door is always open!

    MWAHAHAHA!! My evil plan worked. ;-)

  2. ST says:

    Ha! Thank you, Phineas :-)

  3. Dea says:


    ***** Welcome back!*****

    I should get inspired again as well now that life has given me some time back. We do have an important election coming up. The more sane voices, the better.

    Give them hell Phineas! Rock that boat Sister! @ :)

  4. Lorica says:

    I remember way back, when you blogged about your photographic skills. :) It is good to have you back Dear. :) You have been missed. – Lorica

  5. Dana says:

    I’m glad that you’re back, and I like the new theme as well.

  6. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    Glad to see you back!

  7. When my newsfeeds showed a new post today from Sister Toldjah, I thought, whoa! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? And I thought it with a smile of anticipation. Your readers, even your fans who don’t comment much are “real life,” too.

    Theme redesign is clean & readable.

  8. Great to see ya again ST! Love the reformatting.

  9. ST says:

    Thanks, everyone!!

  10. Drew the Infidel says:

    I told you I’d be waiting, didn’t I? Great to have you back.

  11. cali says:

    Great seeing you back! (daily lurker here)

  12. Becker says:

    I also am very glad to see ya back. Have been checking nearly every day. Your insights into all things is a welcome addition to my day.

  13. Chick says:

    Your absence has been noted and your return is warmly welcomed.

    Good to have you back. Congrats on the #NCSen campaign.

    Give ’em hell, Sis!

  14. Chris in NC says:

    yay!!!!! welcome back ST and Phineas!

  15. TomTB says:

    Glad you’re back ST!
    By the way, I spent five years on the Outer Banks; which pier is that?

  16. ST says:

    Ocean Isle beach :)

  17. Carlos says:

    Welcome back, most gracious hostess. Losing you was only tempered by the fact football season was in session, and I, for one, was not looking forward to a time without either football OR you.