North Korea and Iraq? Yep.

Kim Jong-il pulled a fast one on Saddam just before the Iraq war.

North Korea’s wily dictator, Kim Jong-il, bilked Saddam Hussein out of $10 million in an aborted deal to smuggle ballistic missile technology and other prohibited military equipment to Iraq shortly before the war, the chief U.S. weapons hunter said Friday.

The no-honor-among-tyrants case is the first solid evidence that Iraq and North Korea were directly conducting clandestine business deals in violation of the United Nations arms embargo, senior Bush administration officials said.

The case is only one of several illegal Iraqi military procurement schemes uncovered by U.S. investigators since they began scouring Iraq early last summer for evidence of Saddam’s suspected weapons of mass destruction, according to David Kay, head of the weapons-hunting teams.*snip*

Wonder what else he might have wanted from Kim Jong-il?