Take the last train to Clarksville ….

A Clinton operation from top to bottom (scroll down for article):

More hard-core Clintonistas are joining the Wesley Clark campaign, after the son of former DNC chairman Don Fowler, Donnie Fowler, stepped down as campaign manager.

Fowler, who with the help of a few longtime Clark and Clinton loyalists in Arkansas got the “Draft Clark” operation up and running a few months ago, locked horns with Bill and Hillary loyalist Mark Fabiani, who has been working as the retired general’s communications guru. Fowler also clashed with the campaign’s chairman, Eli Segal, another old Clinton hand, and campaign advisers Ron Klain and Mickey Kantor, two mainstays of the Clinton-Gore years.

Now, those four will assume most of the duties Fowler undertook, and bring in former Clinton White House spokesman and Sen. John Kerry flack, Chris Lehane, who is expected to officially join the Clark team sometime in the next week.*snip*

IMO, if Wes Clark has any intentions of succeeding in this, he might want to reconsider having the Clinton crowd giving him advice. That hasn’t helped too many people in the last year or so ….