Gore: Shades of 1988?

Very interesting. Remember when candidate Gore endorsed Mike Dukakis back in 1988?

*snip*In 1988, Gore, who vied for the Democratic nomination, ended up endorsing the man who defeated him, Massachusetts Gov. Mike Dukakis. With Gore backing another New Englander for the 2004 nomination, his endorsement from 1988 comes to mind. “I’ve seen a candidate who has what it takes to reach out to the independent, mainstream Americans who will make the difference … particularly in the South” Gore declared as he endorsed Dukakis.
“He’s going to send George Bush packing and bring the Democratic Party home.”
As he accepted Gore’s endorsement in Nashville on June 16, 1988, Dukakis said: “We aren’t going to concede one single state in this country . . . and that includes the states of the South.”
Both Dukakis in 1988 and Gore in 2000 carried Iowa. But neither Dukakis nor Gore was able to win any Southern states. The South would be Dean’s toughest challenge in 2004, if he wins the nomination.

Here’s hoping Gore is just as wrong now as he was then!