Sure this wasn’t from

Amazing piece written by the Associated Press that actually appeared in mainstream publications. I don’t think we’d have gotten this kind of a glowing piece on a Republican from the AP just a few years ago. :-)

The Democratic presidential candidates criticized President Bush’s record on the economy and fighting terrorism in a debate Tuesday night, but some of their jabs left out important facts.

Sen. Joe Lieberman declared it would take a Democratic president to “get this economy going,” but the economy has been gaining momentum over the last several months since Bush’s second tax cut took effect.

Weekly claims for unemployment insurance have fallen since April, and economic growth and productivity in the third-quarter reached 20-year highs.

Two of the candidates used a favorite attack line against Bush — Lieberman said “3.5 million people have lost their jobs” and Howard Dean said “3 million jobs lost are 3 million too many” — but their statements also ignored the improving economy.

It is true that about 3 million jobs were lost during the early months of the Bush presidency. But that trend has been reversing for several months as the jobless rate has dropped from a peak of 6.4 percent in June to 5.9 percent last month.*snip*

Now everything in the above piece is factual. But you have to admit it paints the President in a very flattering light and makes the Dem candidates look ill-informed. I’m amazed this piece made it past the editors at the news sites which actually published this. It would appear that the days of liberal domination of the media are INDEED over.