Teenagers turning to conservatism?

Let’s hope!

*snip*A brand new Gallup Organization study and another out of the University of California at Berkeley (search) found that teens are more likely to be in favor of government restrictions on abortion and prayer during official school activities.

The findings mark a departure from the perception of teens as more progressive and liberal than adults, especially during protest-filled decades like the 1960s and ’70s.

The Berkeley study suggests that while 59 percent of adults 27 to 59 want public schools to permit prayer at commencements and other official activities, 69 percent of teens support prayer during official school events.

And while 34 percent of respondents older than 26 supported government restrictions on abortion, 44 percent of those aged 15 to 22 and 32 percent of those 23 to 26 said they supported limitations.

Researchers and pollsters say the numbers could be due to a re-emphasis on religion and a more conservative voice coming out of the White House. And not everything has changed: The same studies show teens are still more liberal than adults on issues like same-sex marriage and the environment.

We’re getting stronger every day. Conservatism: the wave of the future :-)