CBS’ Leslie Stahl: “Would we deprive him of sleep?”

More negative media spin on the capture:

CBS’s Lesley Stahl is worried the U.S. might “torture” Saddam Hussein by depriving him of sleep or making him “very cold” or “very hot.” Interviewing Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld for Sunday’s 60 Minutes, Stahl wanted Rumsfeld to confirm: “The Red Cross can see him soon?” She soon raised the notion of “torture” demanding to know: “Would we deprive him of sleep, would we make it very cold where he is, or very hot? Are there any restrictions on the way we treat him to get him to cooperate more than he has been?” When Rumsfeld insisted we would we follow the Geneva Conventions, that wasn’t good enough for Stahl who pressed: “Sleep deprivation, that kind of thing. You’re ruling it completely out, is that what you’re telling us?”

That elicited a classic Rumsfeld response: “I’m not telling you anything other than I have just told you.” *snip*

I tell you what, things like this bring out the media’s bias every single time. Good news for Bush equals bad news for the media.