Dems now eating their young?

Seems like Republicans aren’t the only ones worried about what a Howard Dean presidency would mean for our national security:

A new ad questioning Howard Dean’s national security credentials is backed by a group that includes former supporters of rivals Dick Gephardt and John Kerry.

The ad shows a picture of Osama bin Laden and says that Dean, the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, doesn’t have the military or foreign policy experience needed to take on “those who wake up every morning determined to destroy Western civilization.” The Gephardt and Kerry campaigns say they had nothing to do with Americans for Jobs, Healthcare and Progressive Values or its ads.

The group, which says it is not affiliated with any candidate, includes treasurer David Jones, who has been a fund-raiser for Gephardt, and spokesman Robert Gibbs, who last month resigned as chief spokesman for Kerry’s campaign.

The group announced Friday that former Ohio Rep. Edward Feighan was taking over as its president in place of Tim Raftis, who was no longer with the organization. There was no explanation issued for the departure of Raftis, a former campaign manager for Iowa Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin’s unsuccessful presidential bid in 1992. *snip*

In the ad, an announcer says, “Americans want a president who can face the dangers ahead. But Howard Dean has no military or foreign policy experience. And Howard Dean just cannot compete with George Bush on foreign policy. It’s time for Democrats to think about that and think about it now.” *snip*

Z’ plot thickenz!