France coming around to our side?

Hmmmmm … a potentially interesting development:

France said Monday it will work with other nations to cancel billions of dollars in Iraqi debt and that Saddam Hussein’s capture will open the way toward mending relations with Washington.

Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin of France, one of the most persuasive and persistent critics of the U.S. decision to wage war in Iraq, said he hopes the capture will allow the international community to “regain its unity.”

France’s commitment toward reducing the outstanding debt came a day before U.S. special envoy James A. Baker was to arrive in Paris, one of five European capitals he will visit this week as part of an effort to encourage such moves. *snip*ink maybe France is tired of being on the wrong side of this war? Too bad Howard Dean isn’t. Oh wait, it’s good he held on to his anti-war position even after the capture of Saddam Hussein. He is walking, talking, breathing evidence of who we DON’T need in the WH next year.