Honoring Sen. Zell Miller

A great conservative in Democrat clothing :-)

Sen. Zell Miller, the maverick Democrat who left fellow Democrats sputtering with a critical book that has become a national best seller, may get a statue on or near the state Capitol grounds, thanks to home state Republicans.

A bill creating a commission to honor Miller, a former two-term Georgia governor, was pre-filed in the Legislature Monday by Sen. Bill Stephens, R-Canton, the majority leader of the state Senate. The legislative session begins in January.

Stephens, a one-time aide to Miller, said he decided Miller should be honored after former President Jimmy Carter last week called Miller’s appointment to the Senate “one of the worst mistakes” made by former Democratic Gov. Roy Barnes.

“I admire any man or woman who will stand up for his or her convictions,” Stephens said. “It’s rare in today’s political arena and Sen. Miller should be commended for that, not criticized.”

A top Democratic state legislator said his party will back the bill.*snip*

Take that, Jimmy Carter!