The Mac disses Bush to school kids

Real smooth, Terry. Real smooth:

Several city officials are furious over the Democratic National Committee chairman’s recent visit to Portsmouth High School, who they feel turned a social studies lesson into a one-sided bashing of President Bush.

After requesting to visit the school, Terry McAuliffe was allowed by Principal Forrest Ransdell to come to teach what the principal believed to be social studies classes on democracy and the political process. However, several city officials are livid over what they say turned into a biased Democratic view of Republican President Bush’s term of office.

During the presentation, McAuliffe told students that due to Bush’s mismanagement of the country, 70 percent of college graduates will not be able to find a job upon graduation. He also told students that if the war in Iraq continues as it has, there could be a reinstatement of the draft.

“He comes into the school and just says what he wants,” City Councilor Bill St. Laurent said. “At what point does he stop his politicking to the point of scare tactics? Saying that the draft may come back, and kids cant find jobs, those are scare tactics. He is out trying to get votes. This is taxpayers money, excuse me, but this is my tax dollar and I don’t want to use my tax dollar for his pulpit.”

St. Laurent said there should be a measure of checks and balances in such presentations, limiting speakers to a nonpartisan discussion.*snip*

Like, DUH! :-)

When are the Dems going to get rid of this clown?