A Democrat breaks with tradition

Let us hope there are many, many more like P. Amy MacKinnon:

When I was growing up, the family dinner was a tradition. Above the clatter of plates, my parents discussed the world around us from their perspectives at either end of the great oak table. Together, we’d review the news of the day put into context by the events of yesterday, and always we’d think about tomorrow. Politics was a main course, and being a working-class family from Massachusetts, we were fed a healthy serving of Democratic Party principles.

I carried those beliefs along with me when I worked for Democrats in both the US House of Representatives and the Massachusetts state legislature. More important, I’ve always carried them with me into the voting booth.

But I expect to break with that tradition. Come November, I’ll be casting my vote for George Bush. *snip*

I can’t rely on the contenders from my own party to follow Bush’s course. Only three of the nine running in Democratic primaries are viable candidates, and none is willing to risk political comfort to pledge a presidency to the messy business of routing terrorists and their sponsor nations. Howard Dean, Wesley Clark, and John Kerry are now all against the war in Iraq, though both General Clark and Senator Kerry supported it once, and may again. *snip*