Richard Clarke on “60 Minutes”

Did any of you see this guy? There’s something not quite right about his story but I can’t put my hands on it at the moment. Did he almost seem – I dunno, arrogant?? This guy was the “Terrorist Czar” during the Clinton adminstration. Did Leslie Stahl even think to ask him why virtually nothing (in retrospect) was done during his tenure in the Clinton administration to tear down Al Qaeda cells? Deputy National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley was much more believable, IMO – in fact, some things he said I know were true: like the bit about the FAA being warned in early summer 2001 to watch for suspicious activity both foreign and domestic flights. Newsday did a feature on that in 2001, IIRC. If I have time later this week, I’ll pull up some links I found long ago that support some of what Hadley said.

The interview was more fair than I figured it would be but not fair enough. But hey, it’s Lesley Stahl. And 60 Minutes. What did I expect?