Bush Knew

Great piece in the Tampa Tribune this morning about the reasons behind Bush’s consideration that Iraq could have been behind 9-11. Snippet:

Bush knew that Iraq engaged in “state-sponsored terrorism against the United States.” Those were the words of President Clinton in 1993 when he fired missiles into Baghdad. Clinton had just found out that Saddam Hussein had plotted to kill the first President Bush.

The Iraqi threat was not a Bush fantasy. He had historic justification to look for links between Iraq and the murder of Americans.

Bush knew that a suspect in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing had been given safe refuge in Iraq. He knew that in 1998, Iraq had offered sanctuary to Osama bin Laden, but the terrorist leader decided to stay camped in Afghanistan. He knew that both al-Qaida and Iraq were sworn enemies of the United States. *snip article*

Yep. Bush knew.